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From the Summer 2014 issue of Knowing & Doing:  


C.S. Lewis Institute: A Fellow’s Journey

Interview with Colleen O’Malley
C.S. Lewis Institute Mentor & Fellow

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How did the Fellows Program help you integrate your faith and your professional life? Your family life?
  It’s tough to read and talk about how God infuses all things and not picture angel armies walking into work with us, especially some of the buildings here in DC. We are placed in jobs and careers for many reasons, but certainly always to perform excellently and to share the gospel with and pray for those we meet at work. Also after serving as a mentor this past year, I’ve been looking into certificates on leadership coaching, so that I might more professionally practice those relational skills.
  My family and friends have endured bravely my need for external processing throughout the program, and I have experienced a renewed desire to show them love as God has shown it to me.

What would you tell a friend or work colleague about the Fellows Program?
  I usually describe the program as a continuing education program for my faith. In fact, just talking about the Fellows Program has been the easiest way to initiate conversations on faith, as continuing education efforts are a constant topic in DC. Plus, most people seem to have no idea that the “Narnia guy” was a theologian and Jesus-follower. I try to break it to them gently.
  If they are believing friends and colleagues, I also tell them to just sign on. I know I’m so very glad that I did.

Colleen O’Malley has been a learning and talent development consultant for Deloitte Consulting LLP for the past 6 years.  In that time, she has supported multiple agencies and staffs at varying levels throughout the Federal Government, largely in learning strategy, development, and delivery, and the change management associated with those efforts.  Colleen completed the C.S. Lewis Fellows program Year One in 2013, and currently serves as a mentor to the class of 2014.  A lifelong Christian, Colleen credits the Lord and her parents with instilling in her a sense of and need for Jesus, as well as a desire to make Him known. 

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