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From the Spring 2015 issue of Knowing & Doing:  

A Fellow’s Journey
Interview with Annie Nardone


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  6. How did the Fellows Program help you integrate your faith and your professional life? Your family life?  What I’ve learned has become an integral part of my teaching and personal life! I never imagined that it would alter the way I teach, talk, and think every day. Near the end of my Year One program, I had prayed for a way to use what I had learned through the year. As I sat and listened to one of our Saturday lectures, I noticed that many adults had questions that should have been answered when they were in school! I felt called to teach teens how to critically listen and evaluate what people say and how to keep their Christian worldview in an increasingly difficult culture.
  I teach several homeschool enrichment classes at Harvester Teaching Services-art from K-9th, science for K-1st, and a Humanities/cultural history class. After talking my idea over with several other people who I respect, I dropped one art class in order to teach a logic/apologetics class for 9th-10th grade. This is the point in a child’s education where they have serious questions and when they may start slipping away from Christianity. I use quite a bit of what I learned in the Fellows Program to engage my students to think and discern. Near the end of the year, after we’ve discussed how to identify several types of fallacy and how to find fact, we will use the CSLI Conversational Apologetics course for discussion. The kids are really enjoying it!
  7. What was the biggest impact of the Fellows Program on your life? What would you tell a friend or work colleague about the Fellows Program?
  “Every scrap and every view of my life has been changed for the better!” That best sums it up. I would tell a friend or co-worker to pray about the decision to be involved in the program. Then I would tell them that all of the reading, writing, and study was worth every second. It is a serious commitment, but the richness of what it offers is priceless. 

Annie Nardone is a teacher of young minds, a lover of the arts, and a culinary enthusiast who delights in finding the extraordinary in the midst of the ordinary. Annie obtained her B.S. in Art and Graphic Design at the University of Wisconsin. She has spent over ten years teaching enrichment classes in science, art, logic, and the humanities at Harvester Teaching Services. She most recently wrote and photographed a historically accurate cookbook as a companion volume to The Mystery of History II. Annie is in her second year in the C.S. Lewis Institute Fellows program.  Annie resides in northern Virginia with her husband, Angelo, and their children.

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