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From the Spring 2018 issue of Knowing & Doing:

Amazing Graces: How Complex the Sound!

by Randy Newman, Ph.D.
Senior Teaching Fellow for Apologetics
and Evangelism, C.S. Lewis Institute

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Communicating Grace

  So when we’re talking with nonbelievers, we shouldn’t be surprised (or annoyed or impatient or unkind) if they don’t understand what we mean when we first use the word grace. Here are a few ways we might express ourselves more clearly:
  “I just used the word grace. I probably could better explain what I mean by that. People use that word in a lot of different ways. When I said grace, I meant a very specific kind of grace, the kind that means getting something we don’t deserve. We get forgiveness we don’t deserve because Jesus paid for sins He didn’t commit.”
  Or, “When I say grace, do you know what I mean? It can mean several different things. But I’m talking here about a very specific kind of grace—a grace that saves us from punishment for sin. Does that make sense to you?”
  Or, “Grace is a tricky word, because it can be used in different ways. I’m talking here about grace as an exchange. We don’t deserve God’s goodness because of our sin. Jesus didn’t deserve punishment for sin because He’s sinless. Grace exchanges our sin for His payment. We get His forgiveness because He got our punishment.”


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