Aslan Academy - 14. Aslan Academy Gatherings

Aslan Academy Gatherings
Creating a Community of Parents Focused on Discipling Their Children

Parents have the responsibility and joy to disciple their children, but having a community around them can certainly help them as they go on this exciting journey. Aslan Academy Gatherings are designed to build a community of parents within the church who will commit to being intentional about discipling their children.  We suggest starting by using some of the resources highlighted in Step One of the Seven Step Plan.

For parents, what can be more important than discipling your children to grow into mature, effective believers for Christ? Unfortunately, too many parents expect the Sunday school teacher or the youth pastor to fulfill this role. If a child spends two hours a week in church activities, that represents roughly .01 percent of the child’s time for the year, not nearly enough to shape a child effectively. We believe that parents, working together to share ideas and pray for one another and their children, can make a huge difference in the lives of families and the life of the church.

The Aslan Academy Gatherings, which could occur monthly, can be a place to share ideas, exchange resources, pray for their families, and be encouraged. The Aslan Academy Gatherings can be organized by the children’s director at a church or by a proactive parent who seeks to assist others in this common goal of discipling their children.

So you’d like to host a gathering, now what? Below are some ideas to help get your Aslan Academy Gatherings started. Each group can and will look slightly different from the other, as they’ll be shaped by the individuals and families in the group. Perhaps your youth director or children’s director would be willing to offer additional guidance. Most pastors would be thrilled to know that parents are interested in taking a proactive role in discipling their children.

•    Invite other parents in your child’s Sunday school class, youth group, or neighborhood, clearly describing
     the purpose of the gathering.

•    Meet at your church or in someone’s home.

•    Open with prayer, specifically asking the Holy Spirit to teach the parents and guide the children to
     spiritual maturity.

•    At a first gathering, have parents introduce themselves and share about their families. It is important
     for everyone to feel comfortable knowing each other and sharing a desire to more effectively
     disciple their children.

•    Share your successes and struggles. To begin, choose one of the resources from the Aslan Academy
     website and offer the key teachings from it and describe how that teaching may have helped you.

•    Provide a Biblical foundation for the Aslan approach using the Bible studies in the Aslan Academy

•    Once the meetings begin, identify a book (or portion of a book) for parents to read in advance of a
     meeting. Then facilitate a discussion of that book at the meeting. Depending on the book, the group
     might use two meetings to discuss a book.

•    Ask for a volunteer to prepare, for the next meeting, a five- to ten-minute presentation about an Aslan
resource he or she has used (other than the assigned reading), for example, an insight
     learned from reading a book or an experience in using a Bible storybook or other resource with
     their children.

•    Encourage each parent to sign up for the Aslan Academy free monthly newsletter, the Dawn
     Treader News
, which will provide ongoing encouragement, practical guidance, and helpful resources.

•    The children’s director or a lead parent can offer a challenge or suggest a specific project that parents
     can tackle in the coming month, perhaps drawn from the suggestions in the Dawn Treader News.  

•    Have one person take notes each meeting regarding helpful tips that are shared. If you desire, please
     share these with the group and with us at so that we might share
     them with other groups. Other groups will be encouraged and inspired by your group!
•    End with prayer and encouragement.

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