Aslan Academy - 10. Helping Children Understand and Explain Their Faith

Helping Children Understand
and Explain Their Faith

Studies show that a significant percentage of children walk away from their faith when challenged in high school, college, or in some other arena. The vast majority of these children never had a solid understanding of their faith or knew how to explain what they believe. They may have never felt comfortable asking difficult questions, or perhaps they couldn’t handle the peer pressure. It is our job as parents to help ground our children’s faith, provide a comfortable environment to handle doubts and questions, and help children make their faith real and substantial, able to stand up to the challenges ahead. Follow the Seven Step Plan to use the following resources, broken down by age group.




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Big Truths for Little Kids - Susan Hunt and Richie Hunt (preschoolers)

The authors use catechism to pose questions and provide answers to teach the essentials of biblical knowledge. The overall goal of the book, in the words of the authors, is to (1) Teach children that they are created for God’s glory, (2) Show the practical implications of this life purpose, and (3) Repeatedly emphasize to children their need for God’s grace to glorify Him. The book has stories that go along with each section of the catechism. Children are expected to regularly memorize sections of the catechism with the long-term goal of memorizing them all. They will then be a guide for that child throughout life. The catechism covers the nature and character of God, the fall, the promise to Abraham, the Ten Commandments, the Lord’s Prayer, and so forth.

The Awesome Book of Bible Answers for Kids - Josh McDowell and Kevin Johnson (elementary grades)

Ideal for children through sixth grade, this book provides simple but clear answers to the questions most elementary schoolchildren have about the Bible. Broken down into helpful sections, the authors tackle questions about God, sin, forgiveness, God’s love, prayer, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, the Devil, the Bible, different religions, right and wrong, the future, the church, death, and heaven. The authors also include a short conversation guide for parents as they discuss each of these questions.


If I Could Ask God Anything: Awesome Bible Answers for Curious Kids- Kathryn Slattery (middle schoolers)

This book is organized into sections on God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, the Bible, Christianity, prayer, the church, Christian holidays, being a Christian, and “big questions.” Focusing mostly on the core truths of the Bible, this guide provides an excellent foundation to help middle-schoolers understand truth and to grow in their faith.


The Questions Christians Hope No One Will Ask - Mark Mittenberg (for teens)

This book by Mark Mittenberg (co-author with Lee Strobel of the Case for Christ series) takes on the major obstacles to belief, helping the reader properly prepare to discuss these issues. Key topics include the nature and existence of God, evolution, can the Bible be trusted, was Jesus just a man or God, evil and suffering, abortion, homosexuality, hypocritical Christians, and heaven and hell. The author provides solid answers and clear context for the answers, done in a loving and winsome manner to prepare teens to effectively engage their friends and others on difficult issues.


Apologetics Study Bible for Students - Sean McDowell, editor (for teenagers, college students, and young adults)

Studying the Bible can be difficult for anyone, particularly young people.  The Apologetics Study Bible for Students provides helpful introductions to each book, extensive commentaries on key biblical passages and thoughtful answers to the tough questions young people are asking today.  Additional features include “challenges and tactics” for addressing challenging questions, archeological facts to buttress the historicity of the Bible, and inspiring personal stories of individuals defending and living out and their faith.  A wide range of effective and credible writers have been gathered to write the extensive features accompanying the Scripture.


How to Stay Christian in College - J. Budziszewski (for high school students anticipating going to college, college students, and parents of high school/college students)

The author, a professor of government and philosophy at the University of Texas, understands from experience that from the moment students set foot on the contemporary college campus, their Christian convictions and discipline are assaulted. The goal of the book is to prepare, equip, and encourage Christian students planning to go to college, and ones already there, to meet the spiritual challenges of college, and to help parents understand what their children are going through so they can offer more effective spiritual support. The book guides readers through the maze of campus realities, discusses the foundations of the Christian faith, and directly addresses the different worldviews and myths that students encounter at college.


•    If someone asked you to explain what you believe about God, how comfortable and clear could you be in
     answering them?

•    Have you ever asked your child to describe what they believe and why?

•    How would your child react if a teacher or another student ridiculed his or her faith? Would your child be
     prepared to give a clear response?

•    Has there been someone in your family or a close friend who has stepped away from his or her faith
     because of something bad happening?   What are the misconceptions about faith that would cause
     someone to blame God when trials come?

•    In conjunction with one of the resources recommended above, ask your child how he or she would answer
     questions that others might ask about his or her faith.

•    Have you ever used an example from the Bible to illustrate a dilemma or decision that your family has been
     involved in? How might you do more of this going forward?

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