Aslan Academy - 5. Reviewing the Fundamentals

Reviewing the Fundamentals

Whether you are a new believer or you’ve been in church your entire life, we encourage you to review the fundamentals of the Christian faith to prepare you for teaching your children. This section includes articles on reviewing the fundamentals and the critical subject of understanding conversion. It then identifies three basic but thorough guides to give you a strong foundational understanding as you seek to lead your child.


We recommend following the Seven Step Plan as you work through these resources.

Read These Articles




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Basic Christianity – John Stott

This classic Christian book is considered by Christianity Today as one of the most important books of the past hudred years. The author carefully explains the basics of the Christian faith through sections on Jesus Christ (His claims, character, and resurrection), humanity’s need (due to sin), Christ’s saving work, and humanity’s response to God’s call. Stott defends the claims of Christianity and then helps the reader live out that faith in daily life.


Christianity 101 – Gilbert Bilezikian and Bill Hybels

The authors provide a simple, but thorough review of the essentials of Christianity, including an overview of all the main doctrines as well as commentary on various interpretations of each. For new believers, this book can provide a solid grounding in the core truths of the Bible. This book includes discussion questions at the end of each chapter.


The Big Story – How the Bible Makes Sense Out of Life – Justin Buzzard

The author explains the big story of creation, humanity’s rebellion, God’s plan to rescue us, and the eternal home God has prepared for us. By starting off answering the question of who God is, and who Jesus is, the author lays a solid foundation for understanding the big story. This book is written in a conversational style with lots of stories to highlight each section.



•    Before reading either Christianity 101 or Basic Christianity, would you have considered yourself highly
     knowledgeable, moderately knowledgeable, or not knowledgeable at all when it comes to understanding the
     core doctrines of Christianity?

•    Where did you get your knowledge of the faith?

•    Does your church do a good job of communicating core doctrines in an effective way? If not, is this something
     you should discuss with your pastor or another staff member?

•    After reading one of the books in this section, are there still significant questions in your mind regarding
     the fundamental doctrines and teachings of Christianity? What are they?

•    Can you see how personal selfish desires can lead us to believe what we want to believe rather than what the
     Bible actually teaches? How might this apply in your situation?

•    Do you have a good understanding of how the Bible fits together as one big story? How would you
     summarize the Bible to your child?

•    What steps will you take in the near future to begin addressing any significant questions you still have about
     core doctrines?


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