An Astronomer's Quest

With Dr. Hugh Ross,  President & Founder, Reasons to Believe
January 22, 2010 | Mclean, Virginia
Atheistic scientists like Richard Dawkins insist that science disproves religion and that one cannot be intellectually honest and believe in God. Astronomer Hugh Ross, a highly respected scientist, disagrees. Rigorous historical and scientific analysis convinced him that God does exist and that science and the Bible, properly understood, do not contradict one another. In this talk, Dr. Ross will share how he came to believe in God and trust in Jesus Christ.

Free Seminar Audio:

Lecture One: An Astronomer's Quest

Lecture Two: Why the Universe Is the Way It Is

About Dr. Hugh Ross:

Dr. Hugh Ross launched his career at age seven when he went to the library to find out why stars are hot. Physics and astronomy captured his curiosity and never let go. At age seventeen he was the youngest person ever to serve as director of observations for Vancouver's Royal Astronomical Society. With the help of a provincial scholarship and a National Research Council (NRC) fellowship, he completed his undergraduate degree in physics and graduate degrees in astronomy. The NRC also sent him to the United States for postdoctoral studies. At Caltech he taught courses and researched quasi-stellar objects, or quasars, some of the most distant and ancient objects in the universe. Today he directs the efforts of Reasons to Believe, an institute founded to bring to the foreground the relationship between scientific discoveries and the Bible. 
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