Below the Fold – Spring 2018


In helping readers think deeply and articulate the foundational truth of grace, we offer Randy Newman’s Amazing Grace: How Complex the Sound! For helping disciples live out that grace, we present Tom Tarrants’ Suggestions for Spending Daily Time with God. In  Aaron Welty’s The Heroics of Weakness, we also present a personal story for how deep thoughtfulness on theological truths plays out in crucial areas of life. As usual we also share a poem, a sermon, and an encouragement to read a classic book. This time it’s John Bunyan’s Pilgrim’s Progress.


Our new bookclub continues with An Encouragement to Read (or Reread) John Bunyan’s The Pilgrim’s Progress.

President's Letter – “WOULD YOU TAKE THIS JOB?


In this President's Letter, Joel Woodruff talks about the challenges being faced by church pastors today and encourages us to pray intentionally for our pastors.


The Heroics of Weakness

Aaron Welty
Co-Host of the Two Geek Soup Podcast


Aaron Welty lives an active life with cerebral palsy. While he has prayed for healing, he states that God has provided an unexpected prescription, showing that perseverance is the unexpected-and greater-miracle. In this article, Welty observes that truthfully we're all weak in ways visible and invisible. He argues, however, that weakness can unexpectedly draw others toward a deeper understanding of who God is-and who we are as His creation-if we embrace it.


Suggestions for Spending Daily Time with God
Thomas A. Tarrants, III, D.Min.
Vice President for Ministry & Director, Washington Area Fellows Program, C.S. Lewis Institute

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Tom Tarrants observes that God desires an intimate, personal relationship with His children and calls us to know, love and serve Him and His Son, our Lord Jesus Christ. As we do so, we will experience joy and delight. One of the means by which we can grow closer to God is by setting aside time each day to quietly read and reflect on God's Word, lift our prayers to Him, and give thanks and praise to Him for who He is and for His goodness to us. In this article, Tarrants offers helpful suggestions that will aid you in developing your daily time with God and growing to know Him better and love Him more.


Amazing Graces: How Complex the Sound!
Randy Newman, Ph.D.
Senior Teaching Fellow for Apologetics and Evangelism, C.S. Lewis Institute

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God's free gift of salvation, based on Jesus's atoning sacrifice on the cross, stands out as unparalleled in the world of religions. This is worth deep reflection and appreciation. It also poses a challenge in communicating this rare concept to outsiders. In this article, Randy Newman examines the reality of the grace of the gospel and offers suggestions for communicating it to people who may not know what we're talking about.


An Encouragement to Read (or Reread) John Bunyan’s The Pilgrim’s Progress
J. Edward Glancy
C.S. Lewis Institute Fellow


After the Bible, John Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress is the best-selling Christian book of all time, and for centuries was widely read and highly influential in evangelical households. In recent years, however, this book has been read by fewer people, in part due to its now archaic language. In this article, Edward Glancy recommends this classic book and passes on a number of tips for reading it today.


POEM: The Good Wine
David Glade
Pastor, Christ Our King

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In each issue of Knowing & Doing we include a poem as part of our desire to promote discipleship of the heart and mind. Poems stir affection, inspire devotion and stimulate emotions. No wonder the Scriptures contains so many of them! And by the way, C. S. Lewis loved poetry.


Sermon: On Christian Love
Hugh Latimer
Bishop of Worcester

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An inspiring classic sermon from the pulpit of Hugh Latimer that we hope will be a blessing to you.


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