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For over 50 years, the Ambassadors for Christ (AFC) has devoted reaching the global chinese intellectuals in this generation. Our ministry operations range from campus student ministry, faculty network ministry, literature publication and dissemination, training and Mission Mobilizations. Our headquarter is located in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, while our programs are far-reaching the entire United States, United Kingdom, Continental Europe, China and Taiwan. While we believe the biblical grounded and united mission is the only enduring future for the church, we also emphasize on the inseparable nature of evangelism and discipleship. The C. S. Lewis Institute has pioneered and demonstrated an unique way to equip the lay leaders today through strategic discipleship curriculums. AFC is inspired by the C. S. Lewis Institute to bring the same spirit and practice to the global chinese churches.

"I wish we could offer the Fellows Program everywhere AFC has a presence." - Rev. David Chow, President of AFC

The Alpha Course began in 1976 as an introduction to the Christian faith for new Christians attending Holy Trinity Brompton church in central London. When Nicky Gumbel took over Alpha in 1990, he noticed its appeal to those who would not describe themselves as Christians and tailored the course for the average person "off the street." The course became increasingly popular and, after the first training conference in 1993, began running in other churches in the UK and around the world. Over 3 million American's have participated in an Alpha course. There are now more than 13,000 Alpha courses registered in the USA, which includes every state and spans across 127 denominations.
International Christian Community-Eurasia (ICC-E)  

For more than a century the state of ‘Christian Europe’ has been in steady decline.  The long march towards secularism has pushed faith to the fringes of a consumer culture resulting in nearly empty churches and few evidences of faith.  Into this environment has come an increasing swell of international residents – students, workers, business people, government staff – from diverse cultures and countries. Most rely on the common bond of English for communication.  Those who come with a desire to worship or discover God are confronted by the obstacles of struggling local churches – awkward, unfamiliar modes of worship or unusual church styles which do not meet the needs of international people.  Many families are left unfulfilled without support.  These are the critical realities which drive the work of ICC.  We along with the CSLI look to equipping the saints.  It is Jesus who specifies that the end result of sending, going, preaching baptizing, teaching and witnessing in the power of the Holy Spirit – is ultimately to “make disciples” (Matthew 28:19-20).


RZIM and the C.S. Lewis Institute are partners in attracting people to the person of Jesus, the truth of the gospel, and it's relevance to our lives.  We host events and share speakers around the world for this purpose.  Apologetics and discipleship training are means by which the Spirit draws people to Jesus and instructs them in how to follow Jesus.  RZIM (apologetics) and CSLI (discipleship training) offer a path to greater understanding and meaning.

"The C.S. Lewis Institute is a great effort to instruct eager minds in probing the depths of moral imagination and spiritual truth."  - Ravi Zacharias

"In all my travels around the world, I have never seen a discipleship program as effective as that at the C.S. Lewis Institute." - Michael Ramsden, European Director, RZIM Zacharias Trust.




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