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From the Spring 2016 issue of Knowing & Doing:  

Celebrating Forty Years of Heart and Mind Discipleship:
A Brief History of the C.S. Lewis Institute

J. Edward Glancy, J.D., C.S. Lewis Institute Fellow
with Joel S. Woodruff, Ed.D., President, C.S. Lewis Institute

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Personal Mentoring

  One focus of Lindsley’s ministry during his time as President was personal mentoring. He regularly met with individuals on Capitol Hill with the goal of helping them integrate their faith and life. One of the people Lindsley mentored was Elizabeth Dole, Secretary of the U.S. Department of Labor and later President of the American Red Cross. Dole was referred to Lindsley by Chuck Colson. Lindsley met with Dole once a week for eight years, discussing issues of theology, apologetics, and discipleship.

Summer Residential Study Programs on the Eastern Shore

 During his first summer at the Institute, Lindsley organized a month-long Knowing and Doing conference with Steve Garber and Os Guinness at Cedar Point Farm (later called Osprey Point Retreat and Conference Center). The event featured lectures in the morning and leisure/play in the afternoon on the Eastern Shore, with an evening lecture or movie discussion. According to Lindsley, there was a L’Abri feel.13 The Institute would hold a Knowing and Doing summer conference for ten years, lasting anywhere from two to five weeks. Guinness would speak almost daily during those conferences.
 Garber later wrote:

The program changed some over the years of its existence, later drawing eager adults who wanted a week or two of a learning vacation, but its theme was the same: in the context of the cultural challenges of the modern world, how do we connect what we know with what we do?14

 The Institute also held regular retreats over Memorial Day weekends at Cedar Point. James Houston regularly came from his home in Vancouver to participate in these events.

Faith and Law

  Faith and Law began as a ministry of CSLI in 1987 and eventually developed its own nonprofit status. It brought Christian speakers to Capitol Hill to talk about living the Christian life in the legislative arena and the political world.15 Speakers included Norman Geisler, R.C. Sproul, Ron Sider, Richard Neuhaus, and Chuck Colson. Faith and Law and CSLI still partner occasionally for special events on Capitol Hill.

Conferences and Symposia

 During Lindsley’s time as President, CSLI continued to offer a variety of conferences, lectures, and symposia. One highlight was a conference titled C.S. Lewis: Life and Thought, presented in September 1995. Conference speakers included Douglas Gresham, Earl Palmer, and David Allen.

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