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From the Spring 2016 issue of Knowing & Doing:  

Celebrating Forty Years of Heart and Mind Discipleship:
A Brief History of the C.S. Lewis Institute

J. Edward Glancy, J.D., C.S. Lewis Institute Fellow
with Joel S. Woodruff, Ed.D., President, C.S. Lewis Institute

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New Publications

  In 2001 the Institute’s quarterly teaching magazine, Knowing and Doing, was launched. It was a retitled and enlarged version of the Report, a publication initially designed to provide brief ministry updates, which had been expanded over time. Knowing and Doing offers a wide variety of articles from nationally recognized leaders in discipleship, spirituality, theology, apologetics, and cultural analysis.
  In 2003 a monthly one-page publication, Reflections, was launched. It provides a key message for daily living from the thought of C.S. Lewis.

Ministry to Area Pastors

  Tarrants, who, as previously noted, had been a pastor in the Washington metro area, began a quarterly luncheon for local pastors. CSLI also conducted pastors’ retreats. Over the years, the Institute’s ministry to pastors has expanded to become an important component of its servant ministry to the church.

Executive Vice President Position

  As CSLI grew in the new millennium, improved management was needed. During the summer of 2003, Tarrants approached Tom Simmons21 about the possibility of coming to the Institute as Executive Vice President. Simmons was a Managing Director of a venture capital firm. He had regularly attended programs sponsored by the Institute for about a decade, beginning with a John Stott conference.
  Simmons interviewed with members of the CSLI Board and came to the Institute as Executive Vice President in January 2004. Very quickly he improved organizational management and financial stability.

Continuing Growth in the Fellows Program

  During the first several years of the Fellows Program, enrollment was limited to twelve men and twelve women. In 2004 CSLI increased enrollment, and by 2009 forty-seven Fellows were enrolled in the Washington, D.C., program.
  The Fellows Program also expanded outside of the Washington metro area. The Atlanta Fellows Program was launched in 2005, when one of the Fellows, Patrick Litre, moved to Atlanta and was willing to help with the start-up. In addition, Ravi Zacharias and his wife, Margie, had suggested that a Fellows Program would be good for Atlanta. Zacharias recommended that the Institute talk to Bill Smith, one of their former team members, who would become the Director of CSLI Atlanta.
  In 2009, the Annapolis Fellows Program began under the leadership of Jim Phillips.


  As Tarrants approached completing his ten-year commitment to being President of CSLI, he asked the Board to consider a successor. He believed that his gifts had been right for the period served but that new gifts were needed as the Institute continued to expand.
  For reasons partly related to the Great Recession, the selection of a new President was put on hold for a couple of years. In early 2010, the Board selected Kerry Knott as CSLI’s new President, with Tarrants remaining at the Institute as Vice President of Ministry.

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