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Christian Courage and
the Struggle for Civilization

by Os Guinness,
Senior Fellow at the Oxford Centre
for Christian Apologetics in Oxford

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The second one is called social constructionism. There is a certain sense in which we need to understand people through life’s “worlds,” the social setting in which they live, to see how it shapes their thinking. That’s a very important idea. But that idea doesn’t say what the radical social constructionists say. They have three little slogans: There are no givens; there are no rules; there are no limits. Everything with no exceptions is socially constructed. The most obvious expression of that currently is the sexual revolution and the present stage of transgenderism. Identity is subjective, self-chosen, and shifting; so be who you want to be. Of course you don’t have to think far, but that is against not only ancient ideas like Stoicism, but also the Jewish and Christian biblical faiths which have a very clear understanding that there is a created order: Heaven and Earth, Sun and Moon, Sabbath and weekday, and of course male and female. But for the radical social constructionist: no, everything is socially constructed; those things are the oppressive obstacles that need to be overthrown. Make no mistake: this is a very, very radical philosophy.

The third hostile philosophy is broadly understood but not in deeper ways. That is the sexual revolution. Many people think of the sexual revolution as Playboy, the pill, the permissive 1960s. But that is what is called the second wave of the sexual revolution. Many people have a hazy idea that the sexual revolution is somehow neo-Marxist, and it is! But it’s very different from neo-Marxism. Neo-Marxism has its prophets, Rousseau, Hegel, and of course Karl Marx, and believes in political revolution. The sexual revolution has three different prophets:

• the Marquis de Sade &endash; the great apostle of eroticism and violent cruelty.

• André Breton, who’s the anti-father, as he called himself, or the father of surrealism. At the heart of the surrealist revolution, if you’ve read their manifesto, is an open and explicit hatred of the Christian faith. As they put it, the decisive battle for the sexual revolution will be the battle against the Christian faith and where the Christian faith and church will be overcome.

• The third great figure is Wilhelm Reich. To those of you who remember the sixties, this name was bandied around in the counterculture, sprawled on the walls of French and German buildings, and the riots and so on. He was the man who coined the term the sexual revolution. He’s Jewish like Freud. He begins with Freud, who says that while you have all the unconscious bubbling up, civilization depends on restraining the instincts. But Reich says, “Wrong.” Freud was just caving in to the alarmism of his time. The real thing is to see the freeing of all the instincts. And so his ideas are an open revolt on every form of repression, particularly the church, giving sexual freedom to the youngest children, including sex education, and really elevating the life forces of sexual energy as the ultimate source of freedom rather than, say, political freedom. You can see that radical view; his books published in the 1930s, incredibly influential in the 1960s, were behind many American novelists, such as William Burroughs and Norman Mailer, and you still see his views today. You can see how the sexual revolution has a totalitarian whiff when it comes, for example, to antidiscrimination.


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