A Place to Make Disciples: The Doctrine of the Church for Pastors of the Church



Join C.S. Lewis Institute - Northeast Ohio for “A Place to Make Disciples: The Doctrine of the Church for Pastors of the Church” on April 24 from 9am to 3pm. This event will include three talks by Dr. Kevin Vanhoozer centered around the contemporary confusion surrounding the Reformation’s past division of the Protestant church.

The church as a creature of Word:
the importance of Scripture and the Reformation
This first talk focuses on the role of scripture in the Reformers’ criticism of the Roman Catholic Church. Presenters will discuss what the Protestants were protesting and what exactly they were looking to reform. In addition, this talk will question whether the Reformation was a net gain or net loss on for the project of making disciples.
The church as a company of the gospel:
being biblical for Christ’s sake
Vanhoozer's second topic will be centered around what Scripture itself says about the church and discipleship. How do the Reformers’ views measure up to what the Bible says about the church? In addition this talk will discuss the impact of things like preaching of the word, celebration of the sacraments and church discipline and the ways in which they affect making disciples.
The church as communion of saints across time and space:
the importance of the creeds and catholicity
The final topic will focus on the relationship between the local church and the “one, holy apostolic and catholic church.” This discussion will explore how the local church should relate to the creeds of Christendom and to the global church, while also looking at the importance of catholicity for the project of making disciples.

Dr. Kevin Vanhoozer served as Blanchard Professor of Theology at Wheaton College and Graduate School (2008-11) and as Senior Lecturer in Theology and Religious Studies at New College in the University of Edinburgh (1990-98), where he also served on the Panel of Doctrine for the Church of Scotland. He has edited several books, including The Cambridge Companion to Postmodern Theology (Cambridge University Press, 2003), Dictionary for Theological Interpretation of the Bible (Baker, 2005; Christianity Today Best Biblical Studies Book of the Year, 2006), and a collection of essays by Trinity students entitled Everyday Theology: How to Read Cultural Texts and Influence Trends (Baker, 2005). He also serves on the editorial board of the International Journal of Systematic Theology and the Journal of Theological Interpretation and is the North American Consultant for IVP’s forthcoming New Dictionary of Theology.

Date: Monday, April 24 2017

Time: 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM EST

Location: C.S. Lewis Institute - Northeast Ohio: 30 West Front Street, Suite 400 Youngstown, OH 44503





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