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From the Summer 2012 issue of Knowing & Doing:  


God's "Sari": The Story of C.S. Lewis Institute - Annapolis

by Jim Phillips
Director, C.S. Lewis Institute, Annapolis, MD


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   More than twenty SJC students have graduated from these fellowships and are serving Jesus throughout the world as teachers, seminary students, speech writers, political staffers, poets, and military officers. They are “the wealth of the nations” wherever they are serving Christ.
   At the U.S. Naval Academy (USNA), there are numerous campus ministries led by gifted men and women. They are all under the guidance of the USNA chaplains. The chaplains have been friends of CSLI and have participated in pastors’ luncheons and coordinated with CSLI Annapolis to bring seminar speakers such as Amy and Frog Orr-Ewing, Ken Boa, and Michael Ramsden onto the USNA Yard to address the midshipmen. Some of the leaders of these midshipmen have become Fellows. (“Move the shuttle!”)
   The “facilitators” of CSLI Annapolis, an informal board of advisers, include John Bishop, Jim Hiskey, and George Anderson. These men have been sought out by pastors, chaplains, mentors, and Fellows to provide personal mentoring, and those they mentor return to their sphere of influence and pass along to others what they have learned. (“Again!”)
   Last year we hired a program and events coordinator (Amy Yearwood). Amy came to us after spending a year in the UK as a research assistant to Frog and Amy Orr-Ewing. Amy loves to coordinate events and “hang out” with college students while talking about Jesus. She is involved with both the SJC Fellowships and some of the USNA campus ministries. (“And again!”)
Again, at this juncture, we had threads of Fellows, Men’s and Women’s Fellowships, SJC Fellowships, pastors’ luncheons, USNA chaplains, facilitators, mentors, employees, the Aslan House, and CSLI friends and supporters. We could trust and imagine that the Master Weaver was making something special, but we could not begin to appreciate his work fully until we were invited to go “topside” to see his handiwork.
   That invitation to see his work came for me last fall as I prepared an annual update for some of our financial supporters. After reviewing the threads of the CSLI sari, as I have done above, a graphic overview of what God was doing in Annapolis came to mind.
   Follow the progression from the bottom to the top of the map: From the pastors, chaplains, Men’s and Women’s Fellowships, seminars, and the community at large we receive Fellows applicants. Our Fellows graduate and become mentors to new Fellows, or to SJC/USNA students. These students and our Fellows go out into the world, to live what they have learned through their association with CSLI Annapolis. Two of our Fellows have an opportunity to establish a CSLI in China and expect to have this in place in 2013. Two young people from China have come to Annapolis to participate in the next Fellows class.

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