How Accurate is the Bible?

With Dr. Ken Boa, President of Reflections Ministries
October 16-17, 2009 | McLean, Virginia

In this seminar, Dr. Ken Boa addresses often asked questions concerning the accuracy and reliability of the Bible.

Free Seminar Audio:
False Impressions and Three Tests for Reliability
The Bibliographic Test and the Internal Test
The External Test and the Question of Inspiration
Problem Areas

Free Seminar Video:
How Accurate is the Bible?-Part 1

How Accurate is the Bible?-Part 2

About Dr. Ken Boa:

Dr. Kenneth Boa, is the President of Reflections Ministries, an organization that seeks to encourage, teach, and equip people to know Christ.  He is also President of Trinity House Publishers.  Some of Dr. Boa’s recent publications include: Conformed to His Image, 20 Compelling Evidences that God Exists , and Augustine to Freud. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Case Institute of Technology , a Master of Theology degree from Dallas Theological Seminary , a Doctorate from New York University , and a Doctor of Philosophy degree from the University of Oxford in England.


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