Jerry Root - C.S. Lewis, Evangelism and Engaging the Culture




Title: C.S. Lewis, Evangelism and Engaging the Culture
Date: January 27, 2017
Speaker: Jerry Root
Description: Jerry Root discusses how followers of Christ can engage with their friends and neighbors about their faith. If you've never heard Dr. Root, you're in for a treat. His passionate, engaging, and thoughtful presentation of important truths has made him a favorite professor of Wheaton College students for years. The talk is followed by a Q&A session in which Dr. Root tackles questions about Truth, beauty and indifference in the church.

Questions & Answers

How do you define truth?

How can I share my faith with my Muslim Neighbors?

In what way has the modern church done poorly in evangelism?

How do you persuade people of the gospel when they are irrational or unaccepting of moral truth?

What is your suggestion to confront the indifference towards evangelism in the church?



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