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From the Summer 2017 issue of Knowing & Doing:

Joy of Generosity

by Todd Harper
Author of Abundant, Experiencing the Incredible Journey of Generosity

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 The Bible says a lot more about money, but these six foundational messages sufficiently guide this conversation that is happening among a growing number of wealthy Christians. I have watched thousands of people just like you apply them to the way they manage their money, and always the results exceed their wildest dreams. Not specifically because they are more generous, but because the Bible is true and can be completely trusted.
 When we believe and act on that, we understand what more really means.

Excerpted from Todd Harper’s Abundant: Experiencing the Incredible Journey of Generosity. Used by permission of Generous Giving (August 31, 2016).


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2 See
3 Read more of the Apostle Paul’s teaching on Christian giving in 2 Corinthians 9:6-15.
Excerpted from Todd Harper’s Abundant: Experiencing the Incredible Journey of Generosity. Used by permission of Generous Giving (August 31, 2016).

Todd Harper, Founder of Generous Giving, has been spreading the biblical message of generosity and encouraging Christians to excel in the grace of giving for 20 years. He holds a bachelor's degree in economics and entrepreneurship from Baylor University and spent 11 years with Campus Crusade for Christ International, where he served in Russia, Yugoslavia, and in the United States. Prior to joining Generous Giving, Todd was a partner in an investment management firm, advising high net worth clients on growing and using wealth wisely. He and his wife, Collynn, have 5 children and live in Orlando, Florida.


Recommended Reading:
Todd Harper, Experiencing the Incredible Journey of Generosity (Generous Giving, 2016)

Those entrusted with wealth face unique opportunities and challenges. It can be difficult and sometimes awkward to talk openly about money issues and the questions that come with them. How do I best invest what God has entrusted to me? How much is enough? What does it mean to live an abundant life? With compelling stories, cultural insights, and raw vulnerability, Todd Harper invites readers to a no strings attached conversation about what it looks like to join the courageous risk takers who seek first God's kingdom, even with finances, and the opportunities and adventures that come with it. Abundant helps you consider the role of money in your personal journey and in the kingdom of God.

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