Keeping the Faith – Equipping Families for Effective Discipleship


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Intentional. Powerful. Effective family discipleship is not a happy accident.

By God’s design, the family is the primary seedbed of faith, and He calls each parent and grandparent to model a vibrant relationship with Him for their children to follow. As parents grow closer to God, their influence at home reflects Jesus’s character more and more clearly, and the kids get a front row seat.

They watch praying parents face trials with strength and wisdom, handle mistakes with compassion and grace, discipline from love and humility, and resolve conflict with respect and forgiveness. No family is perfect, but those who keep God at the center will experience His blessing.

As Christian parents and grandparents, naturally we want to see our children and teens trust, obey and enjoy Christ. We would be happy to show them the way but might not know where to begin or how to sustain our efforts, especially in such a rapidly changing culture as ours.

The Keeping the Faith program takes the guesswork out of getting started by laying out a well-researched, practical and effective initial path on a journey that will last a lifetime.

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