Knowing & Doing - Summer 2012

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Knowing & Doing

Summer 2012

Jesus Believes It Is Possible!
by Greg Ogden, D.Min

Jesus commands us to love God and the ones for whom He laid down his life because he believes that we can actually do it!

Eric Liddell: Muscular Disciple and Olympic Champion
by Joel S. Woodruff, Ed.D.

He is remembered as the ugliest runner who ever won an Olympic championship. But more importantly he was a man who was totally committed to putting God first.

Victory Over Circumstances
by Eric Liddell

Circumstances may appear to wreck our lives and God’s plans, but God is not helpless among the ruins. Our broken lives are not lost or useless. God’s love is still working.

Hindrances To Discipleship: The Devil
by Thomas A. Tarrants, III, D.Min.

Disciplines of grace will not exempt us from temptation or attack, but they will enable us to glorify God by standing firm when they come.

God's "Sari": The Story of C.S. Lewis Institute - Annapolis
by Jim Phillips

We are raising up disciples to go and disciple the world. Had we sat down a few years back and tried to design such a plan, we could not have envisioned what God has done.

Can The Gospels Be Trusted?
by Arthur W. Lindsley, Ph.D.

There is such an avalanche of evidence for the trustworthiness of the Gospels that the burden of proof is on those who maintain the inauthenticity of the Gospels.

God's Got Your Number
by Ken Gaub

Do you believe that God not only loves you, but knows where you are every minute of the day? This man certainly does after an amazing experience he had several years ago.


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