Knowing & Doing Winter 2018 – Below the Fold


Tom Tarrants pursues Discovering God’s Purpose for Your Life with deeper theological reflection than the issue usually gets. Randy Newman suggests that evangelism can seem slightly less difficult if we consider its component parts in Putting Together the Pieces of the Evangelism Puzzle. Corey Latta points us to C. S. Lewis’s common theme of emotion in Lewis on Emotion. Ben Hein shares lessons he’s learned by participating in a local atheists’s organization in Speaking to Skeptics. Aimee Riegert tells how our resource “The Aslan Academy Parents Guidebook” has helped her with parenting her children in Raising God’s Kids. And Dave Moore helps us read Augustine’s “The City of God,” hoping we won’t be scared off by its size in Why Should We Read Augustine’s Big Book? And, as usual, we include a sermon and a poem by Bernard of Clairvaux and Gerard Manley Hopkins, respectively.


President's Letter – Decluttering Christmas



In his President’s Letter, Joel Woodruff considers the question: What if we were to de-clutter the Christmas story and remove the extraneous additions that have become a part of our Christmas pageant experience and understanding? What would the story of the birth of Christ look like if it was based solely on the biblical test, and the non-essential additions to the story were removed?

Discovering God’s Purpose for Your Life

Thomas A. Tarrants, III, D.Min.
Vice President for Ministry & Director, Washington Area Fellows Program, C.S. Lewis Institute


Are you confident that you know and are fulfilling God’s purpose for your life? Tom Tarrants observes that God’s purpose for our life has two major aspects: His purpose in the world to come, and His purpose in the present world. These are intricately intertwined, and it is important to approach our need for guidance in the pressing affairs of the present world, which seem so urgent, in the context of God’s larger, eternal purpose. Once we situate ourselves in this framework, we can more readily discern and embrace God’s particular plans in the unique circumstances of our lives.


Lewis on Emotion

Corey Latta, Ph.D.
Teaching Pastor, Christ Church


In this article, Corey Latta addresses how C.S. Lewis wrote about emotion, and shares about what Lewis’s books have meant to him in his life.

Speaking to Skeptics

Ben Hein
Assistant Pastor, Shady Grove Presbyterian Church

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About once a month Ben Hein, an assistant pastor, spends an evening with a local community of religious skeptics, freethinkers and atheists. In this article, Hein shares three of the more important lessons he has learned from attending this group over the past two years, with the hope that it will equip you and your church to grow in their engagement with non-Christians in your local communities.


Putting Together the Pieces of the Evangelism Puzzle

Randy Newman, Ph.D.
Senior Teaching Fellow for Apologetics and Evangelism, C.S. Lewis Institute


According to Randy Newman, evangelism could be viewed as slightly less difficult if we break it down into component parts. In this article, Newman breaks evangelism down to a few component skills: presenting a concise summary of the gospel, sharing your personal testimony, answering apologetic questions, asking stimulating questions and offering invitations.


An Encouragement to Read Augustine’s Big Book, The City of God

David George Moore
President, Two Cities Ministries


Augustine’s The City of God was written approximately 413-426 A.D. and is recognized as one of the most influential books in history. In this article, David George Moore provides background information about the life of Augustine and explains why, and how, we should read The City of God.

Pied Beauty

Gerard Manley Hopkins

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In each issue of Knowing & Doing we include a poem as part of our desire to promote discipleship of the heart and mind. Poems stir affection, inspire devotion and stimulate emotions. No wonder the Scriptures contains so many of them! And by the way, C. S. Lewis loved poetry.

Sermon: How Earthly Things Can Never Satisfy, An Excerpt from the Christian Classic, On Loving God

Bernard of Clairvaux
O.Cist (1090-1153), French Abbot


An inspiring classic sermon from Bernard Clairvaux that we hope will be a blessing to you.


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