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From the Fall 2003 issue of Knowing & Doing:  

Lessons Along the Career Path

by Robin King
Vice President for Public Affairs, Aluminum Association, Inc. 2002 Fellow

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  I began to realize that Christ was at work in bringing our paths together. In time I was reminded that, while this guy wasn’t perfect, neither was I. Even though vestiges of our struggles still linger, the Lord has increasingly enabled me to look past our earthly differences and look for God’s grace. Just knowing that my colleague and I profess belief in the same Savior allows me to forgive him. It also humbles me to remember that Christ died for him no more and no less than he died for me
  Sometimes it’s best not to run from or ignore conflict, even if the conflict facing you is not your issue, or maybe something you’d just rather not tackle. If there is conflict, God may very well be calling you there—in small ways and large. Our natural tendency is to find the easy way, but as we yield to Christ, we can see him work in surprising ways.

Look for Christian Support

  Earlier in my career I felt I had made a wrong turn. I was a partner in a communications firm which had begun during a good economy, but when a recession occurred, our income abruptly slowed. The other partners wanted to keep the momentum and spending pace, thinking better times would soon return, but I was more cautious and wanted the assurance of lower risks.
  When the down-market prevailed another year, I realized that I had decisions to make. I began to share my concerns with my favorite and most stable client, a community bank. Rather than drawing back, they encouraged me by signaling they would support me through whatever happened.
  During this period, the bank’s top officer shared with me his Christian position on indebtedness, and gave me some valuable pointers on dealing with my other partners. I later discovered that the bank’s marketing staff was a part of a weekly Bible study using the same materials my own Bible study group used. The Christian support and encouragement in that critical time in my career will always be in my memories, reminding me of the invaluable benefits we find in the body of Christ.

Pray, Pray, and Pray

  During this same low period, I found myself wondering just how I could get myself out of this situation that worsened as the economy slid further down. Our small firm had payrolls it could not meet, new clients were saying they had no money to spend, and there was little prospect of a remarkable upsurge in the local business economy. It was a struggle to face what seemed to be more bad news each day.
  Going to work each morning along Connecticut Avenue, I started every day in prayer. At first, it was just a few lines of appeal to God and then back to the morning radio news. But, over the course of the next few weeks and months, the balance shifted to more prayer and less radio. Then my praying continued on the elevator from the parking garage and sometimes even over my first cup of coffee. I had reached a place of complete dependence on God’s will for this resolution. Slowly, God graciously closed and opened doors to help us find our way through. Looking back, I remember how difficult that time was, but what I remember most was the prayer and Christ’s work in me.
  Our career paths will take twists and turns, travel to exhilarating peaks and also to dismal depths. The key to finding happiness in our work and career is to recognize God’s hand at work both in and through us, sometimes in small ways, sometimes in unseen ways, but always at work bringing about his good will and pleasure. In the end, we will likely find that God’s primary purpose in our career paths was not so much the fruit of our labors but the fruit of his labors in conforming us to the image of his Son.

Robin R. King serves as Vice President for Public Affairs with The Aluminum Association, Inc., the largest aluminum industry trade organization worldwide, headquartered in Washington, D.C. In that role he directs government relations and communications programs supervising staff and consultants in media relations, congressional liaison, public relations, communications, and publishing. Previously, Mr. King directed public affairs and communications for the Nasdaq Stock Market and National Association of Securities Dealers, the world’s largest securities regulatory organization and second-largest stock market.

Robin and his wife Carol Hallene King have two children, Emily and Peter, and live in Bethesda, Maryland. They attend Fourth Presbyterian Church where Robin is a leader in the Bible Overview class and serves on the board for the Fourth Presbyterian School.

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