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From the Summer 2017 issue of Knowing & Doing:

Life of J. Christy Wilson Jr. (1921-1999) and His Worldwide Discipling Ministry

by Ken Wilson
Author of  Where No One Has Heard, a biography of J. Christy Wilson, Jr.

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 Christy and the people of CCCK ministered to ambassadors and their families, to hippies traveling through Kabul, and to many students. One day, after several hippies had become Christ followers, a very diverse group of believers lined the edge of a nearby lake, standing in wonderment, many crying softly, and all sensing a powerful unity of God’s Spirit. Suddenly one of the CCCK members broke the silence, noting to the person standing next to him, “Do you realize that this is the first public baptism to have been held in Afghanistan for over one thousand years?”
 On another occasion, after a traveling musical group had completed a triumphant tour in Afghanistan, Christy drove the young musicians to an unconventional tour site: the only cemetery in Afghanistan where “infidels” could be buried. Stopping at the first gravestone, one that was worn with age, Christy explained, “This man worked here thirty years translating the Bible into the Afghan language. Not a single convert. And in this grave next to him lies the man who replaced him, along with his children who died here.” Strolling among the gravestones, Christy told story after story about the early Christian workers in Afghanistan. The group leader later recalled, “It was one of the great moments of my life. I watched their faces as it suddenly dawned on these exuberant American teenagers that the amazing spiritual awakening they had witnessed was but the last step in a long line of faithful service stretching back over many decades.”

A Church Building Destroyed, a Government Overthrown

 Finally, after Christy had been ministering in Afghanistan for eighteen years, CCCK was permitted to build the only Christian church building on neutral soil in Afghanistan, constructed following a personal assist from President Eisenhower. The Afghan government permitted this place of worship only for use among the foreign community; it was never to be used by the Afghan people.
 One Sunday morning, only three years after the sanctuary’s dedication, soldiers arrived and began to hack away at the wall between the street and the church building.


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