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Have you observed that natural disasters, racism, sexual violence, moral decay and other sinful activity seem to be on the rise?

I find myself asking as a follower of Jesus Christ, “How am I supposed to respond to the overwhelming amount of human suffering and sin in this world?”

It has forced me to take a fresh look at the Gospels to see how Jesus responded when he was faced with the needs of sinful, hurting people.

We see that Jesus actively fed the hungry, healed the sick, set people free from oppression and preached the good news of salvation to all who would follow and put their trust in Him.

He told his disciples that by the power of the Holy Spirit they would do even greater things than He, after He returned to heaven. 

Yet it is interesting that when Jesus gets to the crux of the issue of suffering and sin in the world, He leaves His disciples with these words,

All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.  (Matthew 28:18-20; NIV)

In other words, the key to responding to the suffering and sin in the world is to first make disciples of Jesus Christ. 

The by-product of good discipleship will be that Christians will actively obey Jesus’s commands and feed the hungry, heal the sick, set the captives free and preach the Gospel!

People who are called specifically to feed the hungry are more likely to do that and do it for the right motives and stick to it - if they have been discipled well.

Christians with gifts of healing are more likely to truly care for their patients and exercise their healing gifts - if they have been discipled well.

Men and women with a passion for rescuing people enslaved in sex trafficking are more likely to persevere through the difficult challenges of such a ministry – if they have been discipled well.

Followers of Jesus Christ are more likely to share their faith thoughtfully and boldly – if they have been discipled well.

In other words, solid discipleship has the potential to help all these ministries develop and become fruitful, exciting and life-giving.

I'm thrilled to say that thousands of men and women discipled through the C.S. Lewis Institute’s Fellows Program, publications, small group resources and events are effectively responding to human suffering and sin.   

They are feeding the poor, healing the sick, sharing the Gospel and setting the captives free, through their leadership in humanitarian non-profit organizations, businesses, Christian ministries, and government agencies.

I look forward to sharing a few of these amazing stories of God at work through the men and women of the C.S. Lewis Institute.   

First, however, I'd like to make you aware of an opportunity to double your year-end gift so that thousands more men and women can be trained to be “fishers of men” through the ministry of the C.S. Lewis Institute.


Year-End Matching Gift Opportunity

Your year-end gift will help disciple men and women who can more effectively respond to the suffering and sin in our world.

I am grateful to announce that a team of donors has come together to create a Matching Gift Fund which will double any year-end gifts to the C.S. Lewis Institute up to $61,200. 

In other words, your gift will be increased two-fold by giving before midnight of December 31, 2017.


CSLI Fellows Are Meeting Needs through their Professions

While many CSLI Fellows rely on their professional training and natural gifts to provide some of the tools to “Do Good,” the men and women of the C.S. Lewis Institute will tell you that there is more to it than that.

The motive and the ultimate power for meeting the needs of the poor and suffering is a result of the discipleship process in which their relationship with the Lord and their understanding of their calling has been made strong. 

They have learned how to integrate their faith with their profession.

This is why the C.S. Lewis Institute is committed to helping people be as intelligent about their faith as they are about their profession.


Gospel Proclamation by CSLI Fellows

The discipleship programs of the C.S. Lewis Institute equip people to share the good news of Jesus Christ through “questioning evangelism” and conversational apologetics.

This training helps believers become confident of the reasons for their faith in Jesus Christ and also teaches them how to pray for others and thoughtfully, graciously and boldly tell others about Jesus Christ. 

CSLI Fellow, Robin Lopez, at the end of her Fellows training felt called by God to establish a new outreach ministry on the campus of George Mason University called “Ratio Christi.”

Through Ratio Christi, Robin is actively sharing the Gospel with university students and using her Fellows training to give them solid reasons for putting their trust in Jesus Christ. 

Her enthusiastic smile, love for the Lord and winsome ways are leading people to faith in Christ.

At the World Bank, the CIA, military bases, schools and courthouses, CSLI Fellows are boldly sharing their faith with their colleagues and are organizing workplace Bible studies and luncheons open to non-believers.


First CSLI National Women’s Apologetics Conference

Last month, the C.S. Lewis Institute held its first national Women’s Apologetics Conference in Greater Washington, D.C. with apologists Amy Orr-Ewing of RZIM and Jana Harmon of CSLI-Atlanta. 

This training event gave nearly 400 women from 13 states an introduction into conversational apologetics.  The theme was “Conversations That Count.” 

The feedback from attendees was overwhelmingly positive as many shared that they felt valued as women and understood more deeply than ever that God had equipped them to be His ambassadors in the world.  They also took with them a wealth of resources to implement in their churches, workplaces and homes as they strive to share the Gospel with others.


Healing of the Sick by CSLI Fellows

Many CSLI Fellows are involved in healing fields like medicine, counseling, and as first responders. The Lord used the C.S. Lewis Institute Fellows Program in the life of Dr. Jimmy Lin at a crucial phase of his medical training at Johns Hopkins University. 

The Fellows Program gave Jimmy a deeper sense of calling and the tools to share his faith as he sought to heal the sick. 

Dr. Lin is now a world renowned specialist in genetic mapping for the purpose of treating all kinds of medical disorders.  He has given TED talks and has started The Rare Genomics Institute that provides funding to needy children and families so that genetic mapping can be done and new cures and methods found for treating disease and illness. 

Dr. Lin’s vibrant faith in Christ and his renowned medical expertise has opened many opportunities for him to share the good news of Christ with others in the field of medicine and science.


CSLI Fellows Setting the Captives Free

A number of CSLI Fellows are involved in government agencies like the State Department and US AID, and ministries like IJM and World Vision.

CSLI Fellow, Victor Boutros, co-author of The Locust Effect, a new approach to helping law enforcement around the world stop human trafficking, has joined another CSLI Fellow, John Richmond to start the Human Trafficking Institute.  John is also a leading expert in fighting human trafficking and has led raids around the world against sex-traffickers with law enforcement agencies.

There two Fellows were strengthened in their faith, calling and resolve to fight evil through their training in the CSLI Fellows Program.  They also became more aware of the spiritual warfare training needed to help them in this battle with evil.

They are also developing real world solutions to combat the epidemic of sex trafficking.

Their grounding in the Lord and training through the CSLI Fellows Program has provided them with the hope and message of redemption needed to attack this ever-growing evil.


CSLI Fellows Caring for the Poor

CSLI Fellows are feeding the poor and providing the means for them to gain dignity and hope through a number of different Christian ministries and government agencies.

One example is the Market Project, launched by CSLI Fellows Dorothy Taft and Eleanor Nagy.  Both of these women were equipped through the Fellows Program to integrate their faith into their work in the foreign service of the United States government.

Using their years of experience in development and foreign service, they have created micro-businesses in Uganda and other parts of the world that provide sustainable business models that not only provide income and food for many, but provide spiritual nourishment as well.

This growing ministry is one of many in which CSLI Fellows are actively helping the poor in creative ways.  

A number of CSLI Fellows work at the World Bank, one of the world’s largest development organizations that lend money to developing nations.  These Fellows have helped launch a weekly Bible study that is sharing the good news of Christ with colleagues from around the world.


CSLI Fellows Serving the Military Community

The C.S. Lewis Institute Fellows program has attracted a large number of military personnel over the years.  Perhaps it is their understanding of the need for commitment and discipline to achieve a mission that fits well with the discipleship emphasis of CSLI.

CSLI Fellow, Mike West, leads the ministry of The Tun Tavern Fellowship, a ministry that serves active duty and retired Marines and their families.  This growing ministry uses CSLI discipleship resources and is focused on making disciples who can make disciples.

The Institute also has equipped a number of active duty personnel in the Army, Navy, Coast Guard, Air Force and Marine Corps to articulate, defend, share and live their faith in Jesus Christ. 

These CSLI Fellows have seen many military men and women come to faith and become disciples of Jesus Christ as they have used CSLI training resources.

A newer ministry of the C.S. Lewis Institute is a discipleship program offered to midshipmen at the U.S. Naval Academy.  This ministry is equipping men and women, training to serve as officers in the Navy or Marine Corps, to live out their faith within the context of the military.

This exciting new program of the Institute is being run through the C.S. Lewis Institute-Annapolis.


CSLI Fellow a Survivor of Terrorist Act and Witness to God’s Grace

This past year, CSLI Fellow, Jennifer Bennett, was strengthened in her faith and sense of calling through the Fellows Program.  Jennifer has an amazing story as she was a victim of the terrorist shooting that took place in 2013 in the Navy Yard in Washington, D.C. 

As she was being airlifted with life-threatening injuries, she sensed the Lord’s presence and knew that God would save her. 

She also believed that God would equip her to use this story of grace, forgiveness and hope to draw others to Jesus Christ.

She has stated that the CSLI Fellows Program equipped her to boldly and confidently share her faith with others. Since her training in the program, she has been given many opportunities to share her story. 

Jennifer’s joy, exuberant love for Jesus and ability to overcome her injuries following the shooting are an amazing testimony to God’s grace and love.

Jennifer’s story and the stories of the other CSLI Fellows above are just a handful of stories that represent thousands of lives that have been transformed as God has used the discipleship ministry of the Institute to develop wholehearted disciples who are “Doing Good” around the world.


Consider the Fruit – The C.S. Lewis Institute…

• Has grown C. S. Lewis Institute programs from 3 cities to 14 cities in 6 years.
• Is discipling over 450 people this year in the high challenge/high yield year-long CSLI Fellows Program.  We are not a seminary, and yet we are training lay people to minister effectively in many different places and spheres of society.
• Has trained over 3,000 lay people to be effective disciple-makers through the CSLI Fellows Program since its inception. These men and women are doing good all over the world!
• Encourages hundreds of pastors in CSLI cities through the C.S. Lewis Institute’s Pastors’ Networks to pray together, develop relationships, and seek ways to reach their cities for Christ.
• Reaches over 50,000 people in over 20 countries with our discipleship resources.
• Trains hundreds of spiritual mentors each year.


Greater Financial Resources Needed for This Growing Ministry

It is exciting to see God’s blessing on the ministry of the C.S. Lewis Institute as He develops men and women who are able to feed the hungry, heal the sick, preach the Gospel and set the captives free. 

However, additional financial resources are needed as the Institute continues to grow and make a greater national and global impact for the Kingdom.

If the discipleship training and resources of the Institute are to be provided to thousands more it will require your help.Specifically, we especially need more regular monthly donors, along with several large donors and a few major donors.  


Please Give Generously to the Ministry of the C.S. Lewis Institute

Please prayerfully consider joining this ministry through your prayers and giving. We do not receive any funding from the C.S. Lewis estate. 

We are not funded by a few wealthy people, but mostly by committed Christians of average means.

We offer the C.S. Lewis Institute Fellows Program tuition-free so that many young leaders in their 20’s and 30’s can participate in our intentional disciple-making program.

Most of these young leaders are strapped with debt from student loans and would be unable to go through the Fellows program were it not for this tuition-free policy and the donations of hundreds of donors.

So far, the vast majority of our support has come from ordinary believers with a heart for discipleship.

We have continued to trust the Lord year by year for His provision through His people, and He has been faithful. 

Please help us develop fishers of men and women who will “Do Good” throughout the world as they feed the hungry, heal the sick, set the captives free and share the Gospel.

Your Partner in Ministry,

Dr. Joel S. Woodruff

P.S. Remember, the matching grant will double your year-end gift as long as it is given by midnight, December 31, 2017.

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