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Standing in the Gap: The Power of Pathos,
Prayer, Proximity and Preparation

by Ravi Zacharias,
Founder and President of Ravi Zacharias International Ministries

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When I walked out of there, I said, “What on earth has just happened?” I got on the train heading back to Delhi, and there were my parents and friends with garlands to congratulate me. If I had been accepted into the Indian Air Force, I would have had a minimum of twenty-plus years committed. That following year, my father moved us to Canada, and two years after that I was in theological training in philosophy. And the rest is God’s grand design. He slammed the door! He shut the door! God is sovereign over individuals and over nations. He’s sovereign over our nation.

But the third thing is this: He helps you become what He wants you to become when you’re in prayer. A poem copied down by C.S. Lewis by an unknown author expresses it this way:

They tell me Lord, that when I pray,
Only one voice is heard;
That I’m dreaming, You’re not there,
This whole thing is absurd.
Maybe they’re right, Lord, Maybe they’re right.
Maybe there’s only one voice that’s heard.
But if there’s only one voice that’s heard,
Lord, it’s not mine, it’s your voice.
I’m not dreaming; you are the dreamer.
And I am your dream.

You become the dream of God. God shapes and molds you to His will when you are a praying person.

Pathos for his people, priority of prayer, and thirdly, pondered in proximity. He got close. He went close to the broken walls. We must get close to the issues. Those of you who serve in politics, thank God for you. Yours is the most unenviable calling of our time. Those of you who are in the academe, thank you for being there, serving Christ. Those of you in law, those in the armed forces, those of you in business, those of you being at home taking care of your kids because you want to raise them up in a worldview and a thinking that will help them get a future, those of you who are engineers or witnesses in the marketplace, professional sports, whatever, we need to get close to those who need to hear the truth articulated verbally and embodied in life. Get close.


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