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From the Spring 2018 issue of Knowing & Doing:

The Heroics of Weakness

by Aaron Welty
Co-host of the Two Geek Soup Podcast

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  In Scripture God takes real people of whom the world thinks little, weak in some way or another, and displays His fantastic and incredible power through them. Moses was a murderer with a speech problem, yet he led a nation to freedom and promise. David was a teenaged shepherd who brandished a sling and felled a giant, the symbol of a tyrannical empire (events echoed in Luke Skywalker’s role in the destruction of the Death Star in Star Wars, Episode IV: A New Hope). God loves to do the unexpected and through it displays Himself to His creation. The pages of His Story are full of the unexpected, climaxing in the fulfillment of an age-old prophecy: God would become a man and defeat the ancient enemy of the souls of humankind at the Hill of Skulls, not through power or force, but by weakness, sacrifice, and dying. Only then would He show power in defeating not only the Enemy of Souls, but also Death through resurrection.
  Not long ago, on a street corner in Israel, a group of college students prayed physical healing over me, expecting immediate, and miraculous, results. When those results did not manifest, the students asked if I at least felt a degree of peace about my circumstances. I told them that the peace they wanted me to have through a physical healing I already had in the midst of my weakness because of God-given perseverance. Those students came seeking a miracle, and I maintain they were given one, but they missed it. Instead of witnessing a miracle of healing, they were given one of endurance, something they did not expect. It’s a question of what is greater; what has greater impact and a longer life: an instantaneous change of physical state or a daily, consistent, faithful, enduring in the midst of discomfort and challenge?

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