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From the Fall 2014 issue of Knowing & Doing:  

Waiting on the Lord While Unemployed

by Doug Greenwold
C.S. Lewis Institute Fellow, Senior Teaching Fellow, Preserving Bible Times

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The Unemployment Journal

  The urge to write was the catalyst to begin a new unemployment journal. Before long I not only felt the desire to journal but also the urge to create reflections, essays, poems, and prayer meditations. These became opportunities to respond to God in written worship. They served as a reminder of what was being revealed to me and allowed me to chronicle the spiritual discoveries that accompanied the ups and downs of the unemployment journey as well as the stops and starts of the job-search process. Little did I appreciate the role this journaling and writing would later play during future periods of unemployment. Here are some journal vignettes on Remembering, Belonging, Beloved, and Dealing with Discouragement from that “sabbatical” experience:

From “Remembering”

  As part of trying to “be before the Lord,” I devoted hours each day to reading and pondering Scripture. One day I realized that a recurring central theme throughout the sweep of the Old Testament was “remember Me” (e.g., Exod. 13:3; Deut. 7:18, 8:2; 1 Chron. 16:12, 15; Pss. 77:11–12, 78:35, 137:6, 143:5–6). The Lord seems to be saying remember who I am, what I care about, and what I do (and have done) because of who I am. Unemployment offers much more time to look through the rearview mirror of your life to recount and remember the faithfulness of God. So I wrote:

Strong faith is built on constantly remembering both God’s nature and His deeds. Those revealed truths are crucial, for without faith rooted in retrospective fact, there is no prospective hope. Consequently, we need to become ever better historians of our own lives so as to see God continually at work within us and around us. As contemporary Israelites, we need to repeatedly recount how God has delivered, redeemed, sustained, and cared for us in the past Egypts, Red Seas, and deserts of our lives. —Always remember never to forget Him.

After weeks of doing my best to be before the Lord, I came to realize yet again that God is indeed sovereign over all things, including my present situation; that He deeply cares about me, I truly am His Beloved; and His ways (and timing) are not my ways. Those realizations manifested themselves in various ways at different times and began to change my perspective. Am I just unfortunate with my sudden job loss, or have I been truly blessed with a special sabbatical experience with the Lord? I embraced the latter!

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