Women’s Apologetics – Conversations that Count – page 6

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Session 6: Is Christianity Oppressive or Liberating for Women?

Open in prayer

Watch video: Is Christianity Oppressive or Liberating for Women? Amy Orr-Ewing. (47 min.).

Discuss the topic “Is Christianity Oppressive or Liberating for Women?” using these starter discussion questions:

    1. Have you ever felt like a second-class citizen in Christian circles? If so, why or what gave you that feeling?
    2. How can women in the church be set free to know that they are of great worth and value in Christ?
    3. What helpful insights did you learn from Amy’s talk?
    4. What insights gained from Willette’s article can you apply to your life today?
    5. How can you help women know that they can find true freedom through a relationship with Jesus Christ?

Read the conversational apologetics exercise assigned as homework in Session 5. Break up into small groups to complete the exercise.

Determine practical steps to take this week to apply what you’ve discussed. Write them down.

Pray for one another and your non-Christian friends

Introduce the assignments for the next session and close in prayer.

Assignments to Complete before Session 7: Reaching the Next Generation for Christ

Review all of the memory verses from the previous weeks and meditate upon them.

Watch the following videos in preparation for the last session

How to Witness to a Millennial, Amy Orr-Ewing & Jana Harmon (3min.)

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