Women’s Apologetics – Conversations that Count – page 7

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Session 7: Reaching the Next Generation for Christ

Open in prayer

What did you learn from watching the two assigned videos on reaching the next generation and millennials? Discuss.

Watch one of the videos below and then discuss. Once you’ve adequately tackled the topic of that video, move to the next video.

How Can I Share with My Unbelieving Husband, Child, etc.? (7 min.)

How Can I Help People Understand that They Need God in Their Lives? (5 min.)

How Do You Deal with Disapproval when Sharing the Gospel? (4 min.)

How do I Help Friends in Pain Know that God Loves Them? (7 min.)

Will We See Our Relatives in Heaven if They Didn’t Accept Christ? (5 min.)

How Can We Bring People to Christ Who Have Suffered Injustice? (6 min.)

How Can an Unbeliever Begin Their Search for Christ? (7 min.)

What Can We Say to People Who Say the Bible is Oppressing to Women? (7 min.)

How Do I Communicate the Exclusivity of the Gospel to Muslim Friends? (9 min.)

Discuss how the group might continue to explore Christian apologetics in the future.

End by praying for one another and that God would enable you to use what you’ve learned by the power of the Holy Spirit to share your faith with others.

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