Culture - Legacy Recordings

Os Guinness - The Creativity of Christian Knowing

Os Guinness - The Forces Against Us

Os Guinness - A Conscious & Consistent Christian Worldview

Os Guinness - A Christian's Calling

Os Guinness - Sociological Analysis of Contemporary Culture

Brian Griffiths - Can Capitalism Survive

Brian Griffiths - Christianity and Rival Ideologies

Brian Griffiths - Confrontation or Participation?

Richard Mouw - The Spiritual Calling of Politics

Richard Mouw - When The Kings Come Marching In

Richard Mouw - Biblical Justice: Basis For Politics

Richard Mouw - The Born-Again Movement Discovers Politics

Klaus Bockmuehl - The Modern Challenge of Marxism

Klaus Bockmuehl - Marxist Criticism of Christianity

Klaus Bockmuehl - Collective vs. Private Property

Klaus Bockmuehl - Keeping the Commandments

Nicholas Wolterstorff - Models for Thinking About Art

Nicholas Wolterstorff - Our Institution of High Art

Nicholas Wolterstorff - The "Given" with Which The Artist Works

Nicholas Wolterstorff - Art, Responsibility and Shalom

Nicholas Wolterstorff - The Shaking of the Foundations

Myron Augsburger - Kingdom, Community and the Individual

Myron Augsburger - Justice, Peace and Poverty

Myron Augsburger - Economics and the Global Village

Myron Augsburger - War, Peace and Christian Compassion

Myron Augsburger - Church and State

Myron Augsburger - The Family and Its Future

George Marsden - Historical Roots of Fundamentalism

George Marsden - Fundamentalism and the Intellect

George Marsden - The Fundamentalist Comeback

Os Guinness - The Importance of America

Os Guinness - Can American Religion Overcome Secularism?

Art Lindsley - The New Age Movement

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