Journey: Foundation for Discipleship and Mission

The Journey Program is undergoing revision and is not currently available. Please check back periodically or sign up for our email updates to see when it becomes available again.

Modeled on the popular and effective Fellows ProgramJourney is our most thorough small-group discipleship resource for churches or home groups.

Is the Journey Program for you?

It is designed to help thoughtful believers become well-grounded disciples of Jesus Christ who faithfully follow and actively serve him in the world. It is assumed that all who participate are significantly flawed by sin but earnestly desire to grow in grace. It also assumes that as we seek to grow and change, the Holy Spirit will be just as loving and gracious with us as Jesus was with his first disciples.

What are the commitment expectations for participants?

A high level of commitment is necessary in order to benefit from the Journey program. This commitment should grow out of a strong desire to become more Christlike, and must include a willingness to devote the time and effort necessary for that to happen. It is particularly important to be sure that you have adequate time to participate.


The Journey Program Covers the Following Ten Themes:

  • The Grace of God and True Conversion
  • Following Jesus Christ
  • Living a Life of Love
  • Growing in Humility
  • The Holy Spirit and Obedience
  • Growing in Prayer
  • Trusting the Bible
  • Being Transformed through the Bible
  • Pursuing God’s Call on Your Life
  • Understanding and Engaging Today’s World



Are there other resources required for the Journey program or available to participants?

The Journey Workbook and DVD lecture series, plus the free articles and other related material presented in the Journey Resource Center, are all that is required for full participation in the program. However, a free one year subscription to our monthly Reflections and teaching quarterly Knowing & Doing will be provided. In addition, we will provide further relevant  information and resources on a periodic basis  to Journey participants.


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