What Others Say About The C.S. Lewis Institute

Since 1976, the C S Lewis Institute has influenced the lives of thoughtful believers.

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“In all my travels around the world, I have never seen a discipleship program as effective as that at the C.S. Lewis Institute.”
Michael Ramsden, European Director,  RZIM Zacharias Trust

“The C.S. Lewis Institute is a great effort to instruct eager minds in probing the depths of moral imagination and spiritual truth.”
Ravi Zacharias, Razi Zacharias International Ministries

“The C.S. Lewis Institute is one of the nation’s premier catalysts of the Christian mind, offering the churches a rich diet of spiritual and intellectual nourishment. I am thrilled by its vision for the future.”
Alister McGrath, Director, Oxford Center for Evangelism and Apologetics

“The C.S. Lewis Institute has equipped not just people in our church but our church.”
Dr. John Hutchinson, Senior Pastor, McLean Presbyterian Church, McLean, VA

“It’s been the most effective resource I have experienced in my 34 years of ministry. It provides rigorous but achievable opportunities to grow in grace, wisdom and maturity.”
Gail Thompson, Christian Counselor

“I’ve seen how high commitment (through the Fellows Program) has resulted in great growth over a short period of time.”
Rev. Dr. John Yates, Rector, The Falls Church, Falls Church, Virginia

“The Fellows Program deepens the faith and commitment of people in the local church, and I found that they come back from their experience in the Fellows Program more committed to the local church and better equipped to serve.”
Dr. Bill Kynes, Senior Pastor, Cornerstone Evangelical Free Church, Annandale, Virginia

“I love the DNA of this ministry that has such a broad appeal to the body of Christ. Not broad in that it waters anything down, but broad in the fact that there is something about the clarity in its presentation of the truth that is so attractive.”
Stuart McAlpine, Senior Pastor, Christ Our Shepherd Church, Washington, D.C.


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