Conversational Apologetics Course


Practicing the Art of Sharing Your Faith with Others - A 10-week program combining knowledge and hands-on practice in the art of  conversational apologetics and evangelism.

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The C.S. Lewis Institute’s Conversational Apologetics Course takes some of the best practices in apologetics and evangelism and makes them accessible to believers seeking to live out their faith in everyday life. This 10 week course can be used by churches, small groups, campus ministries and other Christian organizations to train people to be apologists and evangelists within their sphere of influence. It is experiential and interactive in nature rather than focusing solely on the reception of information. This course provides participants with opportunities to practice using conversational apologetics in order to feel more confident and comfortable in discussing their faith in Jesus with others. Conversational Apologetics also helps followers of Jesus to rest ultimately in the presence and power of the Holy Spirit who works through the believer to share their faith with others.

People who participate in the program  will read about 40 pages per week before each session from the following books which can be purchased separately for the course:  The Reason For God by Tim Keller, Questioning Evangelism by Randy Newman and Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis.

There are no videos with this course as the small group activities are interactive and meant to simulate real-life situations so that people can practice sharing their faith in a fun, yet helpful way.

Designed by Randy Newman & Joel S. Woodruff, Ed.D.


Price: $14.99
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