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Heart & Mind Discipleship is a 10-week small group discipleship program for new believers or for anyone who wants to deepen their understanding of faith in Christ and to focus on growing in Christ. This program was produced with support from Alpha USA and Ravi Zacharias International Ministries and with input from pastors from a variety of denominations.  Heart and Mind Discipleship is ideal for churches that are looking to start a discipleship program or for home groups who want to go to the next level after taking an Alpha Course or another introductory course.

Heart and Mind Discipleship is taught by a variety of effective teachers and focuses on key themes each week. For each weekly theme, participants in a group will read a 2,000 word article in the workbook, complete a short bible study on the theme, and meet as a group to hear a 30 minute lecture on the topic. There are also suggested discussion questions for the group to consider after hearing the lecture.

The weekly themes covered are:

1)    God’s Character & Personality (Stuart McAlpine, CSLI Senior Fellow and Pastor)
2)    God’s Story of Redemption (Bill Kynes, CSLI Senior Fellow and Pastor )
3)    Understanding Salvation (Randy Newman, Cru and CSLI Teaching Fellow)
4)    God’s Plan for Our Growth (Joel Woodruff, Vice President of Discipleship and Outreach, CSLI)
5)    The Cost of Discipleship (Tom Tarrants, Vice President of Ministry, CSLI)
Double session:
6a)   Humility & Servanthood (Bill Kynes, CSLI Senior Fellow and Pastor)
6b)   Loving God & Neighbor (Frog Orr-Ewing, Chaplain and Missioner, Oxford Center for Christian Apologetics, Rector, Latimer Minster)                                                                      
7)    Authority of the Bible (Art Lindsley, Senior Fellow, CSLI)
8)    The Practice of Prayer (Amy Orr-Ewing, UK Director, RZIM)
9)    The Mission of the Church (Joel Woodruff, Vice President of Discipleship and Outreach, CSLI)
10)  Sharing the Good News (Gerard Long, Executive Director, Alpha USA)

We believe Heart and Mind Discipleship will be a powerful resource for many churches and home groups.  Research consistently shows that Christians today are living lives largely indistinguishable from non-Christians.  While people are hungering for the transformation that comes from believing in Christ and receiving the Holy Spirit, too many believers never experience that change. They often don’t fully understand issues of grace, humility, repentance, or even whether or not they can trust the Bible. This program will help each participant better understand their conversion and then understand how to grow in spiritual maturity and exercise their faith over the course of their lives.

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