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CSLI hopes to expand to additional locations in Asia in the future. . .

Heart and Mind Discipleship in Unique Locations

CSLI Cities offer a whole suite of ministry programs and events. Satellite cities offer the Fellows Program only.

The institute has developed a core set of discipleship programs which serve local churches and communities including:

Conferences and Special Events: The Institute in cooperation with local churches sponsors seminars, lectures and special events that bring in leading speakers on the topics of evangelism, apologetics and discipleship. Art, drama and music presentations that inspire are also offered through the local Institute.

Pastor Support and Care: As a non-denominational, “Mere Christian” organization, the Institute provides opportunities for pastors, church planters and ministry leaders to come together for prayer and fellowship in a safe environment. Pastor networks have been facilitated in a number of cities through the Institute. Special events for pastors are also offered in some cities.

Small Group Resources: Discipleship and Apologetics resources for small groups within churches and campus ministries have been developed by the Institute including: Heart and Mind Discipleship, Aslan Academy and The Conversational Apologetics Course.

Publications and Website: The Institute’s quarterly teaching journal, Knowing and Doing, the monthly commentary on a C.S. Lewis quote, Reflections, and our newest quarterly, Broadcast Talks, a transcription of a recent C.S. Lewis Institute talk, are available as free subscriptions. As well, the website has a wealth of video, audio and text resources from the past forty years, including names like John Stott, Greg Ogden, J.I. Packer and Chuck Colson.

The Fellows Program is a year-long discipleship program designed for believers who are already established in their faith (not recent converts), are highly motivated to grow deeper in their knowledge of and obedience to Jesus Christ, and who desire for God to use them more effectively in the work of His Kingdom.

The Fellows Programs unique approach to discipleship focuses on the integration of heart and mind in a small group context, and is designed to dramatically alter the trajectory of spiritual growth in order to help Fellows become more like Jesus Christ. A combination of focused Bible study, dynamic teachers, classic and contemporary writers, experienced mentors, effective small groups and active response to the Word and the Spirit helps believers mature in their ability to articulate, defend, share, and live their faith in public and personal life.

The program is twelve months in length. We offer both Year One and Year Two Fellows Programs. Read more

Would you like to see a Fellows Program in your area? Send us an email with any questions by clicking here.