Mentors Training Resources

1) Spiritual Mentoring: How to Help Others Grow in Their Relationship

with Christ with Tom Schwanda

These sessions include presentations on some of the significant principles of
mentoring including listening, asking questions, discernment, and how to develop a
mentoring relationship.

2) Master Plan for Discipleship with Dr. Robert Coleman

What are some patterns and principles that Jesus used to disciple the twelve that
we can apply in our lives to fulfill the mission to “go and make disciples”? Coleman
lays out a very clear picture of the disciple-making process.

3) Developing Spiritual Discernment with Dr. Gerald McDermott

Learning how to listen and pay attention to what the Lord is saying to us is a vital
tool in mentoring. It also enables us to be more sensitive to the needs of those we’re

4) Transforming Discipleship with Dr. Greg Ogden

These sessions discuss the purpose of discipleship and present a very effective
method of discipleship using groups of three or four (triads/quads) over the course
of a year. The book, Discipleship Essentials, written by Ogden is an excellent tool
which follows this approach.
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