• Heart and Mind Discipleship Study Guide with Leader's Notes

    This workbook is the companion to the Heart and Mind Discipleship  DVD set (sold separately) and contains the lessons, group discussion questions, and Bible study questions for each week of this ten-week program.

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  • Heart and Mind DVD Set

    This set of 4 DVDs is the companion to the Heart and Mind Discipleship Study Guide workbook (sold separately) and contains all the video lectures for the Heart and Mind Discipleship Program.

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  • Conversational Apologetics Course

    Practicing the Art of Sharing Your Faith with Others - A 10-week program combining knowledge and hands-on practice in the art of  conversational apologetics and evangelism.

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Other CSLI Resources

  • The Spiritual Pilgrimage of C.S. Lewis

    A free resource adapted from CSLI’s 2016 Summer Conference on the topic of the spiritual formation of C.S. Lewis. This six- part video based program titled Learning from the Spiritual Pilgrimage of C.S. Lewis is ideal for small group and individual study!

  • Basic Apologetics Courses

    This free 20-lecture series offers basic apologetics course for those who want to be better equipped to reach non-believers by giving honest answers to honest questions with gentleness and respect! This course, taught by Dr. Art Lindsley, is broken down into 4 sets of 5 lectures and comes with a link to a pdf Study Guide that accompanies each set.

  • Aslan Academy Parents Guidebook

    The Aslan Academy is designed to help parents teach, lead and equip their children to love and follow Jesus. With overview articles, Bible Studies, activities and a curated group of the best books on each topic, the Aslan Academy will guide parents on this discipleship journey. When it comes to discipling our kids, churches can help. Youth groups can help. But God has given parents the primary role of discipling their kids.

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  • From Belfast to Narnia: The Life and Faith of C.S. Lewis

    This newest CSLI resource provides a brief introduction into the life and works of C.S. Lewis. Find out what experiences shaped his life, what inspired him and drove him to be the man we know today – a great writer, theologian and friend of God!

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  • Women’s Apologetics – Conversations that Count

    This small group apologetics resource is based on the C.S. Lewis Institute Women’s Apologetics Conference titled Conversations That Count, held at Immanuel Bible Church in Springfield, Virginia, October 20–21, 2017. The plenary speakers were Christian apologists Dr. Amy Orr-Ewing of the Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics and Ravi Zacharias International Ministries and Jana Harmon of the C.S. Lewis Institute Atlanta.

  • Communicating the Gospel: C.S. Lewis Style

    In this six-part video series, Root addresses how C.S. Lewis shared his faith, and offers various applications that build on his ideas. He also shares how he has been able to share Christ with people by using some of Lewis’ concepts. Root explains that he is moved when he realizes that if listeners apply some of these concepts there will be people in heaven forever because of what they do.

  • Keeping the Faith: Equipping Families for Effective Discipleship

    The Keeping the Faith: Equipping Families for Effective Home Discipleship guidebook leads participants through an eight- or nine-month series of readings, group discussions, and family activities, with an emphasis on a vibrant relationship with Jesus, fellowship with other believing families, prayer and Bible study, high quality books, thoughtful discussion and practical application.