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The application period for the upcoming 2016-17 Fellows Program
is now closed.

178 Prince George St.
Annapolis, MD 21401
Jim Phillips
Email: j.phillips@cslewisinstitute.org
Phone: 717-421-5544

The C.S. Lewis Fellows Institute in Annapolis seeks to reach people in every sphere of life. Taking part in CSLI events, followers of Jesus are motivated to be dedicated disciples and become mentors, teachers, lay leaders, clergy, i.e. ambassadors for Jesus. They learn to put nationalism, denominationalism, and any other person, institution, or thing that competes for Jesus' right to rule in our hearts at His feet, so that He may reign supreme over all we are and do!

We ask for your prayers as we strive to adopt George Muller's approach to ministry, that is: to do only what Jesus has ordained, only where He ordains it, and using only the resources He has provided so that "this ministry will bear witness to the fact that there is reality in dealing with God alone."

Discipleship in Annapolis:
  • The C.S. Lewis Fellows Program is an intensive discipleship and mentoring program that focuses on theological and spiritual growth. Its goal is to develop disciples who can articulate, defend, and live out faith in Jesus in public and personal life. The Fellows Program in Annapolis is an extension of the C.S. Lewis Institute Fellows Program in Washington, D.C. which began in 1976 and stresses discipleship of heart and mind.  
  • Apologetic and Discipleship Seminars are held regularly for fellows, students, and the general public. These feature world respected authors and speakers on a variety of topics from practical discipleship to the relationship between science and faith, from the role of the church in the Middle East to dating, marriage and relationships. All encourage participants to make the Kingdom of God rule in their hearts and lives.
  • Student Fellowships are offered as a chance to build relationships with fellow Christians, and where the important issues of the day or life in general can be explored and discussed from the perspective of biblical orthodoxy.
  • Pastor Fellowships are hosted quarterly by the Institute for fellowship and informal exchange. It is our desire to serve the church in its role to make disciples. More
Who we are:

Jim Phillips, City Director
 | ph. 717-421-5544

Jim Phillips has served as the City Director for the C.S. Lewis Institute Annapolis since 2009. He has over 30 years executive management experience in the Information Technology industry serving IBM and Computer Aid, Inc. (CAI). Jim is a 1975 graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy and a U.S. Marine Corps Harrier pilot. He and his wife Ann live in Annapolis, MD and attend the U.S. Naval Academy Chapel.


T.J. ThigpenOn Campus Ministry Facilitator, St. John's College

T.J. Thigpen works with the C.S. Lewis Institute of Annapolis to serve students in the area. T.J. has spent time helping students in Russia, Taiwan, and the U.S. He, along with his wife and son, live in Annapolis and enjoy the opportunity they have to love and support their community. He has also completed both the Year 1 and Year 2 CSLI Fellows Program. 



Elaine Mitchem, Planning & Events Coordinator

Elaine Mitchem is the Planning & Events Coordinator for the C.S. Lewis Institute of Annapolis. Before coming to the Institute she spent 16 years helping to coordinate the National Prayer Breakfast, and also participated in the C.S. Lewis Annapolis Fellows Program. Elaine holds a degree in History from Westmont College in Santa Barbara, CA, and has lived in the Annapolis area for 25 years.  


The facilitators of CSLI-Annapolis are George Anderson, Alan “Blues” Baker, Sigval Berg, John Bishop, Jim Hiskey, and Jim Phillips. They are committed to the Institute and furthering discipleship in the Annapolis community.

For more information about C.S. Lewis Institute-Annapolis, see our brochure

Follow our CSLI-Annapolis Facebook Page for photos, event updates, discipleship article, quotes, and more! 



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