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Learning from the Spiritual Pilgrimage of C.S. Lewis
A Six-Part Video Series by Lyle Dorsett


Session One: Introduction and Part 1 of Prayer: “A Sustained and Regular Habit”

But grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. To him be the glory both now and to the day of eternity. Amen.
— 2 Peter 3:18 (ESV)


1. Open in prayer

2. Watch Video (45 min.)

3. Questions for group discussion
(or individual reflection)

(1) As noted in the Introduction to this Study Guide, Professor Dorsett began studying the spiritual formation of C.S. Lewis because he wanted to understand how Lewis developed into an increasingly mature Christian who would have such a positive impact on many people. Based on the video, what were some of disciplines and other factors that helped Lewis in his spiritual growth?

(2) As discussed by Dorsett, C.S. Lewis urged a new Christian to “be busy learning to pray.” What do you think about this advice? Do you view prayer as a discipline that needs to be learned through practice? Do you think this advice would also apply to more mature Christians? Wherever you are in your walk with the Lord, what are some specific steps you could take to more purposely “be busy learning to pray”? [STSP, pp. 29-30]

(3) Lewis observed that Christian teaching “seems at first sight to contain two different patterns of petitionary prayer which are inconsistent.” According to Lewis, one of the patterns (Jesus’s prayer in the Garden of Gethsemane) is “if it be possible … nevertheless, not as I will but as Thou wilt,” and the other (Mark 11:24) is “Whatsoever you ask believing that you shall receive you shall obtain.” How did Lewis resolve this tension? How would you resolve it? [STSP, pp. 35-36]

4. Read Reflections“Jesus Christ” (1 page)

5. Close in prayer

Personal Action Steps
(1) Reflect about your current relationship with the Lord and your prayer life over the past two or three months. Pray about whether you would grow in your relationship with God by more purposely being busy learning to pray. If so, write down (a) a specific step you plan to take over the next two weeks to “be busy learning to pray” and (b) list the days during that two-week period you will take that action.


Recommended Reading

Article: Profiles in Faith: C.S. Lewis
by Lyle Dorsett (4 pp.)

Chapter 1 of Dorsett’s book Seeking the Secret Place: The Spiritual Formation of C. S. Lewis [STSP], Introduction: “God Grant Me to Say Things Helpful to Salvation” (12 pp.)


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Learning from the Spiritual Pilgrimage of C.S. Lewis
A Six-Part Video Series by Lyle Dorsett

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