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Looking for a daily devotional? Consider "Reflections" readers have commented on the devotional nature of the C.S. Lewis Institute publication, “Reflections.” It was first published in 2003 and for the past 13 years has come out on a monthly basis. The formula is simple and powerful: a quote from C.S. Lewis on a spiritual topic, a brief commentary and a Scripture. A devotional idea would be to use “Reflections” on a daily basis by taking advantage of the 150 plus issues from the past. Simply go to the "Reflections" page for an archived list of all past "Reflections."

Dr. Randy Newman is the Senior Teaching Fellow for the C.S. Lewis Institute. He posts regularly at his website, Connection Points, helping Christians engage people’s hearts the way Jesus did.

This blog explores the links between the Christian faith and all of life and encourages exploration of common ground between Christians and those with other beliefs. This content can be found at

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