You are an adult who cares deeply about the young people in your life.
You are a follower of Jesus looking for wisdom and help.
You are increasingly aware of the growing chasm between our culture and God’s biblical design for humanity, and you think that the future of people of faith is uncertain.
You want to take action on your family’s behalf, but you are not sure where to start.
Then you are in the right place! Welcome!
The Keeping The Faith program has been developed to equip you - parents, grandparents and other caring adults - for intentional discipleship of the children God has placed in your life. 
We know you are busy and often tired! Our goal is to provide you with both resources that will be available to you at a moments reach, as well as deeper more thoughtful resources that will help to ‘fill your well’.
Here you will find videos, articles, a monthly newsletter, recommended resources, and we regularly post on Facebook, and Instagram.
In addition consider becoming part of an Aslan Academy group. Aslan Academy Small Groups are centered around the Keeping the Faith guidebook. The guidebook addresses eight, key themes for effective discipleship including: Mission, Biblical Parenting, Back to Basics, Application of Biblical Truths, Heart Change, Character, Spiritual Disciplines and Evangelism.



Keeping The Faith Study Courses Overview

What is Keeping The Faith Study Program? The Keeping The Faith program is a unique study-plus-fellowship experience featuring the Aslan Academy Small Group model centered around the Keeping The Faith guidebook It is designed to equip parents, grandparents and other caring adults for intentional discipleship of their children and teens. The Keeping The Faith guidebook leads participants through an eight- or nine-month series of high-quality books, group discussions and family activities, with an emphasis on a vibrant relationship with Jesus, fellowship with other believing families, prayer, Bible study and practical application.
Challenging? A little. Grace? Absolutely. Worth it? Most definitely! The readings, meeting agendas and activities are designed with lots of grace for busy parents, but the wisdom in them is a source of strength and encouragement that you won’t want to miss. You should feel free to attend the small group meetings, whether or not you have prepared according to the guidebook suggestions; but we are certain that, once you feel the benefit, you will want to dive in more deeply. Bring your Bible, journal, and the month's assigned book and glean what you can at the meeting. The discussion questions are always helpful, and the prayer and fellowship will be a blessing to you.

Access Keeping The Faith Study Courses

These are various study courses surrounding our Keeping The Faith Program, for those who want to be better equipped and to grow in spiritual maturity. Please provide your email address and a password will be emailed to you for course access.

The Dawn Treader

The Dawn Treader Magazine offers activities, lessons, and more to help parents disciple their children from Pre-K through teen years.

Trusted Resources

Keeping The Faith is committed to providing and supporting resources that foster heart and mind discipleship in Christian faith families. See PDF downloads below for list of resources.

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