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As an aid to your small group discipleship, we are pleased to offer free study program resources on C.S. Lewis, designed for small group study. We hope they will assist you in growing in your faith and becoming a disciple for Christ.(more)
We are also pleased to offer our free new e-book, "C.S. Lewis: A Profile in Faith". (Download)

Be part of God's movement to strengthen the church by developing disciples of Christ - solid, mature believers - who will lead, teach and disciple others. Our Decade of Discipleship effort is focused on building a culture of discipleship in churches, ministries and individuals through ten years of intense activity and prayer. These seeds will grow for decades and decades and will restore our church and our nation. (more)

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  • Humility
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  • The Greatest Sin
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  • Understanding and Dealing with Today's Culture of Narcissism
    Stuart McAllister says it takes a more compelling love, a deeper power, a greater affectio... Read more

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