C. S. Lewis Fellows Program

The Fellows Program is the Institute’s flagship, year-long discipleship program designed for those who are ready to be intentional about spiritual growth in Christ, and who desire for God to use them in powerful ways for His Kingdom.

The Fellows Program’s unique approach focuses on the integration of the heart and mind in an interdenominational setting, and is intentionally designed to dramatically alter the trajectory of spiritual growth to help Fellows become more and more like Jesus. A combination of dynamic teachers and writers, experienced mentors, effective small groups and active engagement in the Word aims to produce mature believers who can articulate, defend and joyfully live out their faith in every aspect of their life.

The program runs on academic year, September through June with summer readings beforehand. With an overall focus on spiritual formation, apologetics, evangelism and calling, each month a biblical theme is examined.

After completing the program, a survey of our Fellows found that 76% would be willing to lead a discipleship group in their home; 100% experienced an increase in their involvement in ministry to their family and neighborhood; 88% increased in their involvement in workplace ministry; and 84% said the program has “transformed or significantly impacted" their lives.

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Atlanta Fellows Program

C.S. Lewis Institute - Atlanta 
P.O. Box 81575, Atlanta, GA 30366
Attn: Bill Smith (men) or Ashley Decker (women)
Email: Men: b.smith@cslewisinstitute.org
Email: Women: a.decker@cslewisinstitute.org
Phone: 404-271-4124 / Fax: 270-916-4943

Washington DC Fellows Program

C.S. Lewis Institute - Washington 
8001 Braddock Rd, Suite 301, Springfield, VA 22151 
Attn: Fellows Program
Email: fellows@cslewisinstitute.org
Phone: 703-914-5602, ext. 5101 / Fax: 703-894-1072

Annapolis, MD Fellows Program

C.S. Lewis Institute - Annapolis
178 Prince George St., Annapolis, MD 21401
Attn: Jim Phillips
Email: j.phillips@cslewisinstitute.org
Phone: 717-421-5544 / Fax: N/A

Seattle Fellows Program

C.S. Lewis Institute - Seattle
P.O. Box 1212, Clinton, WA 98236
Attn: Interim Administrator - Steve Anderson
Email: s.anderson@cslewisinstitute.org
Phone: 425-328-6027 / Fax: N/A

Cincinnati Fellows Program

C.S. Lewis Institute - Cincinnati
5767 Marmion Lane, Cincinnati, OH 45212
Attn: Stephen Eyre
Email: s.eyre@cslewisinstitute.org
Phone: 513-255-6360 / Fax: N/A

London Fellows Programme

C.S. Lewis Institute - London Stampwell Farm, Oxford Road Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire HP9 2XD
Attn: London Fellows Programme
Email: london@cslewisinstitute.org
Phone: 0300 303 8800 / Fax: N/A

C.S. Lewis Institute - Chicago
1327 Brown St. #604, Des Plaines, IL 60016
Attn: Karl "KJ" Johnson
Email: kj@cslewisinstitute.org
Phone: 312-543-3222 / Fax: N/A

C.S. Lewis Institute - Northeast Ohio
30 West Front St., Suite 400, Youngstown, OH 44503
Attn: Beth Valantine
Email: b.valantine@cslewisinstitute.org
Phone: 330-717-6979 / Fax: N/A

C.S. Lewis Institute - Central Pennsylvania
470 Friendship Road, Suite 300, Harrisburg, PA 17111
Attn: Neil Olcott
Email: n.olcott@cslewisinstitute.org
Phone: 717-856-8050 / Fax: N/A

Belfast Fellows Program

C.S. Lewis Institute - Belfast                                        Location coming soon
Attn: Royce Johnson
Email: r.johnson@cslewisinstitute.org
Phone: 479-685-9266 / Fax: N/A

C.S. Lewis Institute - Virginia Beach
417 Jonathans Cove Court, Virginia Beach, VA 23464
Attn: Joe Kohm
Email: j.kohm@cslewisinstitute.org
Phone: 757-647-4694 / Fax: N/A

C.S. Lewis Institute - Loudoun County
5081 Curran Creek Drive, Haymarket, VA 20169
Attn: Tim Bradley
Email: t.bradley@cslewisinstitute.org
Phone: 703-754-7068 / Fax: N/A

C.S. Lewis Institute - Charlotte and the Carolinas
3122 Fincher Farm Road, Ste.100-359 
Matthews, NC 28105
Attn: Mike Milton
Email: m.milton@cslewisinstitute.org
Phone: 800-983-2051 / Fax: N/A



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Do you desire a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ and other believers? Do you want to experience the power of a transformed life?

Since 1999, the Fellows program has helped transform the lives of more than a thousand people and has been commended by pastors for the dynamic impact it has had on their church.


Michael Ramsden, Director of the Oxford Center for Christian Apologetics, calls the program “the most effective discipleship program I’ve seen anywhere in the world.” Gail Thompson, a Christian counselor and Fellows Program alumna, calls it “the single most effective resource I’ve experienced in my 34 years of ministry.”

The Fellows Program challenges and guides you on your journey towards spiritual maturity with an emphasis on both heart and mind. It involves Bible study, classic readings, lectures, group processing, personal spiritual mentoring and accountability - all in the context of a small group of likeminded believers.

Fellows continue in their careers while participating in this year-long program, and requirements are designed to be achievable even for busy professionals with families. The Fellows Program runs on the academic year, September through June, with summer readings beforehand.

Year One Fellows Program

Program Content

The program focuses on a different biblical theme each month, including:

  • The Fatherhood of God
  • The Grace of God and True Conversion
  • Following Jesus Christ
  • Living a Life of Love
  • Growing in Humility
  • The Holy Spirit and Obedience
  • Growing in Prayer
  • Being Transformed through the Bible
  • Conversational Apologetics
  • Living a Life of Faith and Generosity
  • Pursuing God's Call on your Life
  • The Mission of Disciplemaking


Fellows groups are organized by gender and age:

  • Young Professionals (ages 24-34)
  • Mid-Career Professionals (ages 35-55)
  • Senior Professionals (ages 56 +)


The Fellows program roughly follows an academic calendar (September through June), with summer reading assignments and preliminary meetings beforehand. The formal program year begins with a September weekend retreat, the first weekend after Labor Day, which runs from Friday morning through lunchtime on Sunday. Thereafter, Fellows meet as a group one Saturday morning per month, 8:30-12:30 for instruction, discussion and fellowship.

Time Commitment

The C.S. Lewis Fellows program requires a high level of commitment. Fellows are expected to complete all assignments and attend all regularly scheduled meetings.

  • Monthly reading curriculum: Fellows engage with selected books, audio and video resources, and brief articles; personal reflection time is also expected.
  • Small group fellowship: Fellows meet monthly for a meal and fellowship then break into triplets or quads for prayer and accountability.
  • One-on-one mentoring: Each Fellow meets privately once a month with one of the group's two mentors for discussion and spiritual direction.
  • In November, Fellows participate in an urban service project ("Urban Plunge") which requires all day Saturday.;


It costs the Institute approximately $3,500 per person to provide the Fellows Program. However, in order to remove barriers to participation, we do not use a fixed tuition structure. Instead, we ask Fellows to make the Institute one of the ministries (after the church) that he or she supports on a regular basis.

Notwithstanding the above, all Fellows are asked to cover the cost of their participation in the weekend retreat and an urban service project day ("Urban Plunge"), the total for both is about $400. Fellows are also expected to pay for the books and materials required for the program, which will cost approximately $325 for the year (if purchased new).

Admission Requirements

  • Completion of an application, an interview with Institute staff, and two recommendations, one of which must be from the applicant's pastor.
  • The applicant's strong desire to know and love God more deeply and to live out the gospel more faithfully.
  • The applicant's strong desire to actively serve Christ upon completion of the program, evidenced by a commitment and tentative plan of action.
  • The applicant's strong desire to share the gospel of Christ with others and to help them grow as His disciples.
  • The Institute staff's reasonable expectation that the applicant will benefit from the program and become a stronger, more credible and effective disciple of Jesus Christ in his or her sphere of influence.
  • The applicant's commitment to engage with the program in terms of attendance, reading, group participation, and being mentored in discipleship.
  • The applicant's willingness to be open about his or her intellectual, spiritual, and personal life along with a desire to receive godly insight and guidance from a spiritual mentor.
  • The applicant's geographic proximity to program venue and ability to attend all meetings.
  • Support of the applicant's spouse, if married. (The applicant is expected to negotiate an equitable arrangement with his or her spouse to prevent the spouse from being excessively burdened by the applicant's participation in the program).
  • Availability of space in the group; compatibility with the group is also taken into consideration

After completing Year One, participants may opt to continue with more in-depth study in Year Two, which is offered based on demand in any given location.

Year Two Fellows Program

A Year Two Fellows Program may be offered at the discretion of each city's Director. The Year Two program follows the same format and schedule as Year One but uses different themes, books and lecturers. It is designed to further develop and strengthen discipleship for the mature believer. The cost of the retreat, books, etc., is approximately the same as in Year One.


Those who have successfully completed Year One of the Fellows Program may request admission to Year Two by contacting  the Fellows Program Director for their city. (City Director contact information may be found by clicking on the city name links above.)

Program Content

  • God’s Grace Viewed through the Story of Hosea
  • Knowing the Holiness of God
  • Knowing the Depth of Our Sin
  • Exploring the Seven Deadly Sins
  • Sex and the Disciple of Jesus
  • Justification and Sanctification
  • Discipleship in the Church
  • Discipleship in the Family
  • Discipleship in the Workplace
  • Spiritual Warfare
  • Final Destinations: Heaven or Hell
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