Fellows Testimonies


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Watch these amazing stories of how God has worked in people's lives through the Fellows Program!

Mark & Colleen Carter
Retired Navy & Teacher - Annapolis
Cindy Pavell
University Professor - DC
Glenn Hawk
Gym Owner - Dallas
Jennifer Russell
Home Maker - Dallas
Jeremy Eves
Retired Business Owner - Belfast
John Foos
Aerospace - Chicago
KJ Johnson
Retired Marine - Chicago
Lauren Wood
News Anchor - Ohio
Lee Kanter
Cardiologist - Virginia Beach
Linda Sellevaag
Retired Federal Worker - DC
Mark Bailie
Non-Profit Worker - Belfast
Michele Lam
Accountant - Toronto
Tim Ingle
Animator - Orlando
Patti Plaza
Professor - DC
Alex Ward
Mother - Belfast
Mariela Aguilar
Children's Librarian - DC
Abby Narvaez
Flight Attendant - Chicago
Jeff Russell
Ophthalmologist - Dallas
Scott Carson
Civil Servant - Belfast

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