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Transitions That Have Shaped My Journey

A Fellows Feature

This has been a very good year, as was the previous year. This is certainly not a remarkable statement— except that in these two years I have been retiring from my second career as a partner in a consulting engineering firm that I helped to found in 1988.

The articles I read and the “pop wisdom” I heard warned that entering retirement was supposed to be traumatic. Instead, I have experienced an easy transition, because, once again, I have seen that the Lord has been preparing me for this new season of life. Looking back over the forty-two years since I trusted my heart to Christ, I can point to numerous times when discouragements and failures have been but a part of transitions that God has worked into my journey to prepare me for new directions and opportunities to serve Him. For me, calling has not been a single discovery, but a gradual uncovering along the way...

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James Eckert

James Eckert, Engineer, is a native of Tyrone, Pennsylvania and a 1963 graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy. He served 20 years in the Navy’s Civil Engineer Corps, along the way earning his B.S.C.E. and M.S.C.E. from University of Michigan and taking post-graduate work at M.I.T. His service included posts in Thailand, Vietnam, and teaching at the Naval Academy. In 1983, he retired from active duty and pursued his career in geotechnical engineering. In 1988, Jim and two others founded a new firm, Engineering Consulting Services, Ltd. (ECS). Jim retired in 2002 as Senior Vice President and Chief Engineer. He was a former board member for the C.S. Lewis Institute.


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