Mission Statement

In the legacy of C. S. Lewis, we develop wholehearted disciples of Jesus Christ who will articulate, defend, share, and live their faith in personal and public life.

In the legacy of C. S. Lewis,

    • engaging both heart and mind, intellect and imagination
    • not for the purpose of making fans of C. S. Lewis but for developing hundreds of disciples like him
    • seeing all of life through the lens of the gospel (“I believe in Christianity as I believe the sun has risen; not only because I see it but, by it, I see everything else.”)

we develop

    • through thoughtful discipleship resources and publications
    • through Fellows programs that do more than just instruct
    • seeking to help transform people to become more and more like Jesus
    • establishing patterns that will continue for a lifetime


    • not just informed people but ones submitted to the Lordship of Christ in all areas of life
    • seeking first God’s kingdom and his righteousness with a mission mindset
    • seeking the welfare of our world through individual callings

disciples of Jesus Christ

    • learners who grow as followers of Christ
    • multiplying disciples who make other disciples who, in turn, make still more disciples
    • people who are faithful, available, and teachable

who will

    • not just know or feel or embrace new ideas
    • with strategic plans for action after completing our programs
    • thinking carefully about practice in our ever-changing world


    • emphasizing clarity of thought that distinguishes truth from error
    • exploring ways to discuss topics and events in engaging, compelling ways
    • understanding the relevance of the gospel to a variety of people and situations


    • to offer reasons why the Christian worldview should be believed as well as support for our message from as many different sources as we can find. We offer support for belief from things people already believe, whether they realize it or not.


    • anticipating challenges to our faith and crafting appropriate responses
    • learning both content and tone from C. S. Lewis’ many evangelistic efforts  and writings
    • applying the grace of the gospel to ourselves so we respond to outsiders  with gentleness and respect

and live their faith

    • shining the light of the cross on the darkness of our souls
    • encouraging honest confession and deepening dependence on the Holy  Spirit
    • brainstorming about applications of Christian faith to the complexities of all areas of life

in personal

    • reflecting on application in the family, community, and church
    • with honesty about the realities of the schemes of Screwtape
    • growing in Narnian expectation of the consummation of God’s program

and public life.

    • in partnership with local churches to build them up
    • considering appropriate expressions of faith in the workplace
    • pursuing ways the gospel can reshape various arenas of work, culture, and society

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