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Spring 2016 Entire Issue
Surprised by Belfast: Part I: Little Lea Sandy Smith
Using C.S. Lewis’s Mere Christianity in Evangelism Randy Newman
The Resurrection of Jesus as Christianity’s Centerpiece Habermas & Shaw
Who Is God? Part 2 Thomas A. Tarrants
A History of the C.S. Lewis Institute Glancy & Woodruff


Winter 2015 Entire Issue
Science and Faith: Friendly Allies, Not Hostile Enemies John Lennox
Is Bigger Better? C.S. Lewis, Atheism and the Argument from Size Paul M. Gould
Leveling the Playing Field: A Strategy for Pre-Evangelism Randy Newman
Who Is God? Part 1 Thomas A. Tarrants
God's Job, Our Job: Knowing the Difference Makes All the Difference Michael W. Schick
The Legacy of John Hus Tom Schwanda


Fall 2015 Entire Issue
Thoughts on Ministry Fundraising Joel Woodruff
A Thumbnail Sketch of Judaism for Christians Gerald McDermott
What Do You Say to Your Jewish Friends about Jesus? Randy Newman
The Rage for Rohr? Os Guinness
Running the Marathon of Faith: Persevering to Life’s End Thomas A. Tarrants
Shaftesbury: The Great Reformer Dr. Richard Turnbull
Be Present at My Table: An Invitational Challenge Evelyn Bence
Ministering Personally, Ministering Pastorally Michael A. Milton


Summer 2015 Entire Issue
Jesus’ Loving Presence in the world - You! Chris Sicks
Fully to Enjoy: An Invitation to Our Abundant Table Julianne Panunescu
How Can a Loving God Send People to Hell? Bill Kynes
Are You Growing in Grace? Thomas A. Tarrants
A Thumbnail Sketch of Buddhism for Christians Gerald McDermott
How To Speak To Your Buddhist Neighbor Callom Harkrader
Paving the Way for Gospel Conversations Randy Newman
What the Bird Said Early in the Year Joe Kohm


Spring 2015 Entire Issue
The Role of Laughter in the Christian Life Dr. Terry Lindvall
Tensions in Evangelism Dr. Randy Newman
A Thumb-Nail Sketch of Hinduism(s) for Christians Gerald McDermott
How To Speak To Your Hindu Neighbor Michael Suderman
Two Final Things, Then Home At Last Thomas A. Tarrants
Is My Child A Follower of Jesus? Joel S. Woodruff
A Love Without End LeAnne Martin
A Fellow’s Journey: Interview with Annie Nardone Annie Nardone


Winter 2014 Entire Issue
Announcing The Aslan Academy Kerry A. Knott
God’s Plan for Our Growth Stephen D. Eyre
A Thumbnail Sketch of Islam for Christians Gerald McDermott
Shaftesbury: The Great Reformer Dr. Richard Turnbull
Witnessing to Family Is Like Witnessing to Everyone Else Randy Newman


Fall 2014 Entire Issue
Waiting on the Lord While Unemployed Doug Greenwold
How I Lost My Boyfriend Alexandria H.
Loving God and Neighbor Thomas A. Tarrants
Urban Plunge Reflections Fred J. Clark
Discipleship Is a Team Sport Bill Kynes
C.S. Lewis Institute Fellow Q&A Rob Shepherd


Summer 2014 Entire Issue
Thanks for the Memories Reminders Bill Hendricks
C.S. Lewis Institute: A Fellows Journey Colleen O'Malley
Are You a Christian or a Disciple? Is There a Difference? Why It Matters! Thomas A. Tarrants
How We Got the Seven Deadly Sins Rebecca DeYoung
A Reformed Vision of the Visual Arts - Part II Connally Gilliam
In the Footsteps of John Knox David B. Calhoun
C.S. Lewis and How Christians Should Think about Science Joseph A. Kohm, Jr.


Spring 2014 Entire Issue
C.S. Lewis on Holy Scripture Philip Graham
John Calvin and the Visual Arts: Dueling Cavaliers? Part I Connally Gilliam
True Conversion Thomas A. Tarrants
I'm Smart, but I'm No C.S. Lewis Joel S. Woodruff
Frances Ridley Havergal (1836-1879) David B. Calhoun


Winter 2013 Entire Issue
Celebrating the Fiftieth Anniversary of Clive Staples Lewis's
Entrance into Heaven
Joel S. Woodruff
C.S. Lewis the Truth-Seeker: How God Formed a Great Christian Apologist Joel S. Woodruff
Desert Discipleship Mark Carter
What God Wants from You Thomas A. Tarrants
From Russia with Blessing Steve and Allison King
"Amazing Grace" John Newton and His Great Hymn David B. Calhoun

Fall 2013 Entire Issue
C. S. Lewis’s Humble and Thoughtful Gift of Letter Writing Joel S. Woodruff
Ambassadors at the Office Jeff Lindeman
Keeping the Heart of God at the Heart of Living E.G. "Jay" Link
Learning to Make Disciples of Jesus: The Calling of Every Believer Thomas A. Tarrants
God's Character and Personality Stephem Eyre
David Livingstone David B. Calhoun


Summer 2013 Entire Issue
The Generous Heart and Life of C.S. Lewis Joel S. Woodruff
Alive Due to Divine Intervention Catherine Sanders
What is My Relationship to My Stuff? E.G. "Jay" Link
George Washington Carver (1860 - 1943) David B. Calhoun
Blazing the North-South Trail Bill Smith
Fleshly Christianity? What it is, and What We Can Do About it Thomas A. Tarrants
Finding Obedience in Paolo Veronese's The Wedding at Cana Joseph A. Kohm, Jr.


Spring 2013 Entire Issue
The Ministry of Discipling Friendships: How God Uses Christ-Centered Friendships to Sustain Us in Trails and Help Redeem Our Suffering Brenda Solomon
with Kristie Jackson
Evangelization: Sharing the Good News with Delight Gerard Long
Hindrances to Discipleship: Freedom from the Flesh - Part II Thomas A. Tarrants
Dying to the Flesh Wiliam L. Kynes
William Tyndale: "Apostle of England" David B. Calhoun
A Grief Observed Jana Harmon


Winter 2012 Entire Issue
Les Misérables: A Story of God's Hospitality, Grace and Redemption Joel S. Woodruff
Yes, Vacancy! Welcoming Strangers into Our Home in the Name of Jesus Michelle Knott
Hindrances to Discipleship: The Flesh - Part I Thomas A. Tarrants
John Wycliffe: "The Morning Star of the Reformation" David B. Calhoun
Answering God's Call in the Public Schools Ashley  Storm
 How to Develop and Maintain a Christian Worldview through C.S. Lewis's Essay: "The Poison of Subjectivism" Joseph A. Kohm, Jr.
Sonnet for the Aslan House - Meeting Place for Annapolis Fellows Vincent Travani


Fall 2012 Entire Issue
Hindrances to Discipleship: The World Thomas A. Tarrants
A Fellows Journey from Washington to Wycliffe Jeanne Thum
The Spiritual Discipline of Meditation Tom Schwanda
"Servant of Servants of God" Monica David B. Calhoun
C.S. Lewis on the Problem of Pain Jana Harmon


Summer 2012 Entire Issue
Jesus Believes It Is Possible! Greg Ogden
Eric Liddell: Muscular Disciple and Olympic Champion Joel S. Woodruff
Victory Over Circumstances Eric Liddell
Hinderances to Discipleship: The Devil Thomas A. Tarrants
God's Sari: The Story of C.S. Lewis Institute - Annapolis Jim Phillips
Can the Gospels Be Trusted? Arthur W.  Lindsley
God's Got Your Number Ken Gaub


Spring 2012 Entire Issue
Understanding and Dealing with Today's Culture of Narcissism Stuart McAllister
The Discipline of Discipleship V. Raymond Edman
Finding Power to Live a New Life: Discipleship and the Holy Spirit Thomas A. Tarrants
Profile in Faith: Bishop Handley Moule David B. Calhoun
Discipleship: It Starts with You Karl Johnson
The Imitation of Christ, Book 2, Chapter 11 Thomas à Kempis


Winter 2011 - Special Discipleship Issue 4 Entire Issue
The Call to Discipleship Timothy Keller
Pride and Humility Thomas A. Tarrants
Profile in Faith: V. Raymond Edman Joel S. Woodruff
Inflaming Your Souls by the Word of God Tom Schwanda
Obedience: The Key that Opens All Doors Thomas A. Tarrants


Fall 2011 - Special Discipleship Issue 3 Entire Issue
Dwight L. Moody: Evangelist and Master Disciple Maker Lyle W. Dorsett
Getting Intentional About Discipleship Regis Nicoll
Living Faithfully in a Fallen World Rob Norris
Discipleship or Grace: Must It Be One or the Other? William L. Kynes
Following Jesus Christ Thomas A. Tarrants
Discipleship Any Follower of Christ Can Do: The Legacy of Roy Cook Jim Hiskey


Summer 2011 - Special Discipleship Issue 2 Entire Issue
A Summons to Convenantal Discipleship Jonathan M. Lunde
The Call to Follow Christ John Stott
Spiritual Discipleship J. Oswald Sanders
What is True Christianity? J.I. Packer &
Gary A. Parrett
True Conversion and Wholehearted Commitment Thomas A. Tarrants
David Brainerd: "A Constant Stream" David B. Calhoun


Spring 2011 - Special Discipleship Issue Entire Issue
Transforming Impact of True Discipleship Thomas A. Tarrants
C.S. Lewis on Authentic Discipleship Christopher W.
Become a Disciple of Jesus: He Demands Our All William L. Kynes
The Discipleship Deficit: Where Have All the Disciples Gone? Greg Ogden
Discipleship for Changing Times and Ministries Michael Wilkins  


Winter 2010 Entire Issue  
The Voyage of the Dawn Treader Art Lindsley  
Mother of All the Peoples David B. Calhoun  
Credibility of Christian Life in Contemporary Narcissistic Society - Part I James M. Houston  
Holy Conference: "A Kinde of Paradise" Joanne Jung  
Self-Deception and the Christian Life Gregg Ten Elshof


Fall 2010 Entire Issue  
The Life and Ministry of Tiyo Soga David B. Calhoun  
Credibility of Christian Life in Contemporary Narcissistic Society - Part II James M. Houston  
Mentoring Mona Lindeman &
Susan O. Ward
An Apologetic from Ecclesiastes Stuart McAllister  
Postliberal Theology Adonis Vidu  
The Jesus Prayer Bill Smith


Summer 2010 Entire Issue  
The Gospel Old and New Kevin deYoung  
Grace Abounding: The Life of John Bunyan David B. Calhoun  
Considering the Hesed of the Lord Will Kynes  
The Problem of Pornography Among Christians Joe Dallas
The Centrality of the Gospel William L. Kynes  


Spring 2010 Entire Issue  
Apologetics: Why Your Church Needs It J.M. Njoroge  
Archibald Alexander on "The Use and Abuse of Books" David B. Calhoun  
Beyond the Fellows Program "Year Five" Fellows  
Profiles in Faith: Charles Wesley William L. Kynes  
The Inerrancy of Scripture Kevin Vanhoozer


Winter 2009 Entire Issue  
Profiles in Faith: Martyn Lloyd-Jones Art Lindsley  
C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien Earl Palmer
Are Emergents Rejecting the Soul's Existence? R. Scott Smith  
Creation, Fall, Redemption Art Lindsley  
To Increase Humility Jeremy Taylor
How Accurate Is the Bible? Ken Boa  


Fall 2009 Entire Issue  
Profiles in Faith: George MacDonald Tanya Ingham  
C.S. Lewis the Evangelist Philip Ryken
The Model: Becoming More Like Christ John Stott
Theology: Who Needs It? Art Lindsley  


Summer 2009 Entire Issue  
Profiles in Faith: Edward Dering Art Lindsley  
A Spirituality of the Body Dennis Hollinger  
A Collision of Worlds Clinton E. Arnold
C.S. Lewis and the Case Against Subjectivism Jerry Root
After Theory by Terry Eagleton Jerry Root  
Directions for Leading a Christian Life Henry Venn


Spring 2009 Entire Issue  
Evangelical But Not Evangelistic Stuart McAllister
Is Jesus Really the Only Way to God? Dennis Hollinger
Lessons on Grace in a Valley of Grief Kristie Jackson  
Mother Teresa: Holiness in the Dark J.I. Packer  
Urban Plunge Sarah Bruce  
A Vacation with Kingdom Purpose Thomas S. Heard  


Winter 2008 Entire Issue  
Profiles in Faith: John Chrysostom Michael Green  
Clapham in the Congress Cherie Harder
The Journey of a Great Soul Jonathan Edwards  
Time with God J.I. Packer  
The Prayer-Obedience Relationship W. Bingham Hunter
God's Knowledge Art Lindsley  


Fall 2008 Entire Issue  
Profiles in Faith: Justin Martyr (c.100-c.165) Amy Orr-Ewing  
Work: A Holy Calling Jerram Barrs
Making Disciples Jesus' Way: A Few at a Time Greg Ogden
The Holiness of God Art Lindsley
Blessed by God William Angerman  


Summer 2008 Entire Issue  
Profiles in Faith: A.W. Tozer (1897 - 1963) Lyle W. Dorsett  
Rethinking the Bottom Line Jerram Barrs  
What Jesus Hated Michael  Wilkins
Preparing Transformational Leadership the Jesus Way Robert Coleman  
Spirituality and Emotions Dennis Hollinger  
Spiritual Light Art Lindsley  


Spring 2008 Entire Issue  
Profiles in Faith: Latimer (1485-1555) Bradford(1520-1556) Art Lindsley  
A Profound and Biblically Theocentric Theologian J.I. Packer  
What Jesus Loved Michael  Wilkins  
Abiding in Christ William L. Kynes  
Coming to a Screen Near You Prince Caspian Art Lindsley  
My Journey in the Workplace Ken Broussard


Winter 2007 Entire Issue  
Profiles in Faith: John Owen (1616-1683) Sinclair B. Ferguson  
10 Questions To Ask To Make Sure You're Still Growing Donald S. Whitney
The Quest for Spirituality in the Light of Biblical Discipleship Michael J. Wilkins  
Representing The King Marlise Streitmatter  
Argument from Agape Art Lindsley  
Union with Christ William L. Kynes  


Fall 2007 Entire Issue  
Profiles in Faith: Aelred of Rievaulx (1110-1167) James M. Houston  
What We Mean When We Say It's True Timothy George  
Theology Built on Vapors Winfried Corduan  
What Product Are You Managing? Kerry Knott  


Summer 2007 Entire Issue  
Profiles in Faith: William Wilberforce Christopher Hancock
The Powers That Shape Us A.W. Tozer  
Impacting the Workplace for Christ Chris Morris
The Way Things Ought To Be Steven Garber  
'In Christ': The Meaning and Implications of the Gospel of Jesus Christ John Stott
Christ and the Bible Art Lindsley
High-Tech Holiness Thomas Heard  


Spring 2007 Entire Issue  
Profiles in Faith: Bernard of Clairvaux James M. Houston  
Isn't It All Just a Matter of Faith? Michael Ramsden  
Demonstrating the Truth Craig Hazen  
Deluded About God? Alister McGrath  
Brian McLaren, the Emerging Church II R. Scott Smith  
How Will They Know? Art Lindsley  


Winter 2006 Entire Issue  
Profiles in Faith: Blaise Pascal Graham Tomlin  
Character, Part Two Art Lindsley
Are Biblical Manuscripts Reliable? Amy Orr-Ewing
Intimacy Nourished Worship J. Oswald Sanders  
Summer School in Oxford Thomas S. Heard  
Brian McLaren, the Emerging Church I R. Scott Smith  


Fall 2006 Entire Issue  
Profiles in Faith: Malcolm Muggeridge James M. Houston  
Character Art Lindsley
What's Happening to Atheism Alister McGrath  
Four Circles of Intimacy with God J. Oswald Sanders  
Cultivating Godly Ambition Steven J. Law  
The Flight from Reality Michael Ramsden  


Summer 2006 Entire Issue  
Profiles in Faith: C.S. Lewis (1898 - 1963) Lyle W. Dorsett  
C.S. Lewis's Obstacles to Faith Art Lindsley  
The Prayer-Life of C.S. Lewis James M. Houston
Book Review: William Griffin's Clive Staples Lewis: A Dramatic Life Lyle W. Dorsett
The Uses of Fantasy David C. Downing  


Spring 2006 Entire Issue  
Profiles in Faith: Major Warren Hamilton Lewis Marjorie Lamp Mead  
Bearing the Weight of Glory Christopher W.
Senior Fellow: C.S. Lewis's Concern for the Future of Humanity James M. Houston
Three Book Reviews Art Lindsley  
I Was Decided On: Interview with C.S. Lewis Sherwood Wirt  


Winter 2005 Entire Issue  
Profiles in Faith: Helen Joy Davidman Lyle W. Dorsett
Feeding the Five Thousand Jeff Lindeman  
The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe Art Lindsley
Jefferson/Wilberforce: Leaders Who Shaped Their Times - Part III Ray Blunt  
Art Lindsley's C.S. Lewis's Case for Christ Jerry Root  
Passion For Your Name J. John  
Growing in Christ: Maturity Can Be Measured J. Oswald Sanders


Fall 2005 Entire Issue  
Profiles in Faith: G.K. Chesterton Elesha Coffman  
C.S. Lewis on Commitment Art Lindsley  
Jefferson/Wilberforce: Leaders Who Shaped Their Times - Part II Ray Blunt  
Crucifying Our Will Richard J. Foster  
Growing in Christ Series: Unduly Protracted Infancy J. Oswald Sanders  


Summer 2005 Entire Issue  
Profiles in Faith: Thomas à Kempis Mark Galli  
What Kind of Community Do We Need? Art Lindsley
In Search of Unknown Gods J. John  
Jefferson/Wilberforce: Leaders Who Shaped Their Times Ray Blunt  
The Story That Makes Sense of All Stories Steven Garber  
What Constitutes Christian Maturity J. Oswald Sanders  


Spring 2005 Entire Issue  
Profiles in Faith: Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn-Part II David Aikman  
Community - and Why We Need It Art Lindsley
The Subtle Power of Evil and God's Antidote Norman Jetmundsen
A Schindler for Artists? Steven Garber  
Growing in Christ Series: In Pursuit of Maturity J. Oswald Sanders


Winter 2004 Entire Issue  
Profiles in Faith: Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn David Aikman  
Courage Art Lindsley  
Self Disclosure & Knowledge J.I. Packer  
The First Principles of Politics Michael Bates  
Shameless Persistence J. Oswald Sanders  
Revival Series: Great Evangelists in a Golden Era -  
Knowing and Doing Patricia Harned  


Fall 2004 Entire Issue  
Profiles in Faith: Corrie ten Boom Pam Rosewell
C.S. Lewis on Miracles Art Lindsley
Paraclete & Spiritual Gifts J.I. Packer
To See What You See Steven Garber  
Praying in the Spirit J. Oswald Sanders
Revival Born in a Prayer Meeting -  
Relinquishing the Burden Carolyn McKinnon  


Summer 2004 Entire Issue  
Profiles in Faith: Perpetua Mark Galli  
The Davinci Code-Decoded Art Lindsley  
General Revelation & Guilt J.I. Packer  
Don't Leave Your Brains at the Box Office Steven Garber  
Prayer: Thanksgiving J. Oswald Sanders  
Revival Transforms the Frontier -  
Transitions That Have Shaped My Journey James Eckert  


Spring 2004 Entire Issue  
Profiles in Faith: Francis of Assisi Mark Galli  
True Tolerance Art Lindsley  
Revelation & Interpretation J.I. Packer
The Word Made Flesh Steven Garber  
Prayer: Worship & Adoration J. Oswald Sanders
A Great Awakening Stirs the Colonies -  
Life Was All About Me Thomas W.


Winter 2003 Entire Issue  
Profiles in Faith: Susanna Wesley Arthur Dicken
The Problem of Evil Art Lindsley  
Eat This Book Eugene Peterson
The Abolition of Man, One More Time Steven Garber
Heaven Richard J. Foster  
From Politics to Pampers Michelle Morgan


Fall 2003 Entire Issue  
Profiles in Faith: Bill Bright Charles W. Colson  
Argument from Desire Art Lindsley  
Science and Faith Alister McGrath  
History Does Not Alter Steven Garber  
Eternity Richard J. Foster  
Lessons Along the Career Path Robin King


Summer 2003 Entire Issue  
Profiles in Faith: John Wesley Arthur Dicken
C.S. Lewis on Death and Immortality Art Lindsley  
To Glorify or Enjoy Forever? Dennis Hollinger  
Looking at Life through Bifocals Barbara Bradley
Good Books, Bad Books Steven Garber  


Spring 2003 Entire Issue  
Profiles in Faith: J.R.R. Tolkein Art Lindsley  
C.S. Lewis on Chronological Snobbery Art Lindsley  
Becoming Like Christ Richard J. Foster
Leadership Lessons in Following Ray Blunt
Trading Fear for Love Jenise Jones
Why Pray? Thomas A. Tarrants


Winter 2002 Entire Issue  
Profiles in Faith: J.R.R. Tolkein Art Lindsley  
The Most Reluctant Convert Art Lindsley  
Loving God with Heart and Mind Alister McGrath
Learning from Tolkein: Lord of the Rings Revisited Steven Garber  
The Mystism of Paul James S. Stewart  
What Makes Spirituality Christian? Dallas Willard  


Fall 2002 Entire Issue  
Profiles in Faith: Dorothy Sayers Art Lindsley  
C.S. Lewis on Absolutes Art Lindsley  
The Challenge of Jesus N.T. Wright  
Severe Gifts from a Loving Father Gary Thomas  
Being Good at What We Do- Or, Being Good Dennis Hollinger


Summer 2002 Entire Issue  
Profiles in Faith: John Calvin Art Lindsley  
C.S. Lewis on Freud and Marx Art Lindsley  
A Conversation with Ravi Zacharias Decision Magazine  
Conversational Apologetics Michael Ramsden


Spring 2002 Entire Issue  
Profiles in Faith: Martin Luther Art Lindsley  
C.S. Lewis on Postmodernism Art Lindsley
An Interview with Rev. Eugene Peterson Art Lindsley  
Substantial Healing, One More Time Steven Garber  
Wise Christians Clip Obituaries Gary Thomas  


Winter 2001 Entire Issue  
Profiles in Faith: Augustine Art Lindsley  
C.S. Lewis on Grief Art Lindsley
An Interview with N.T. Wright Art Lindsley  
Fix Your Eyes Upon Jesus Steve Garber  
Terrorism Through the Eyes of Faith Dennis Hollinger  
Hearing God in a Time of Crisis M. Blaine Smith  


Fall 2001 Entire Issue  
Profiles in Faith: Francis Schaeffer Art Lindsley  
C.S. Lewis on Faith and Reason Art Lindsley  
The Incomparable Christ John Stott  
Success and Failure David Prior


Summer 2001 Entire Issue  
Profiles in Faith: C.S. Lewis Art Lindsley  
The Importance of Imagination for C.S. Lewis and for Us Art Lindsley  
An Interview with John R.W. Stott Art Lindsley  
William Wilberforce and His Circle of Friends Richard L. Gathro  


Spring 2001 Entire Issue  
Profiles in Faith: Jonathan Edwards Art Lindsley  
Prayer and Spiritual Friendship James M. Houston  
Hurrying to Nowhere: Reflections on Castaway, Crusoe, and Character Steve Garber  
An Interview with Dr. James M. Houston Art Lindsley  



COPYRIGHT NOTICE:  Knowing & Doing is published by C.S. Lewis Institute; 8001 Braddock Road, Suite 301; Springfield, VA 22151. Portions of the publication may be reproduced for noncommercial, local church or ministry use without prior permission. Electronic copies of the PDF files may be duplicated and transmitted via e-mail for personal and church use. Articles may not be modified without prior written permission of the Institute.

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