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Helping Families Grow in Faith

The Dawn Treader magazine equips families for effective discipleship with fresh content to help your family grow their faith.

Each issue includes engaging kid-friendly activities, teaching tips, resources, a prayer and tools to help further relationships with Jesus Christ. You can access each issue by topic or explore resources by type. You’re sure to find content to encourage your children or loved ones and help deepen your and their experience and knowledge of God.

Dawn Treader is part of the Keeping The Faith ministry of the C.S. Lewis Institute. Sign up for updates with Dawn Treader News offering further resources to equip and encourage parents and children.

Explore Past Issues

Issue 1.1

New Life in Christ

Issue 1.2

Honoring God

Issue 1.3

Understanding Prayer

Issue 1.4

The Great Commandments

Issue 1.5

Understanding the Bible

Issue 1.6

What is Worship?

Issue 1.7


Issue 1.8

Finding Fulfillment

Issue 1.9

The Great Commission

Issue 1.10

God’s Creation

Issue 1.11


Issue 2.1

Knowing Jesus Christ

Issue 2.2

Loving Our Neighbor

Issue 2.3

Right, Wrong, and Redemption

Issue 2.4

A Servant’s Heart

Issue 2.5

In the World But Not of It

Issue 2.6

What is Truth?

Issue 2.7

Faith, Hope and Love

Issue 2.8

The Great Sin

Issue 2.9

Faith and Knowledge of God

Issue 2.10

The Kingdom of God

Issue 2.11

The True Meaning of Gratitude

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Dawn Treader Moments

Dawn Treader Moments are passages from scripture and questions that you can read to or with your children to encourage them to reflect on topics of importance in their faith development

Theologian Theodore

Theodore is a bright, young theologian who always seems to have a response to his friend's questions about faith. In this column, some important questions about faith are addressed that you or your family might be walking through.

Apologist Polly

Polly is an intelligent and devout girl who helps kids, parents, and loved ones think deeply about issues of life and faith.

Helpful Resources

Helpful Resources are recommendations for your and your loved ones for the purpose of building you up in your walk with Jesus.

Prayer Prompts

Prayer Prompts are prayers from Scripture or believers from past and present meant to help foster growth in your prayer life.


Activities are suggested fun and instructive things you can do with your loved ones to help them grow in their faith.

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