Are you ready to go deeper in your faith, learn from gifted Bible teachers and find encouragement and strength to live a fruitful and meaningful life for God? Join the C.S. Lewis Institute on a journey of faith.

Journey is a nine-month small-group Adventure designed to help thoughtful believers become better-grounded disciples of Jesus Christ who faithfully follow and actively serve Him. An apologetics element provides insights about how to share the gospel in today’s world in a respectful, winsome, and effective manner. This learning and growth take place through study, small-group processing, fellowship, prayer, and obedient response. While you could certainly benefit from the Journey materials on your own, experience has shown that fellowship is central to effective discipleship. Journey focuses on several key biblical themes that Jesus taught His disciples.

The Journey Adventure 

If you choose to start up or join a Journey small group, you will need to gather the required materials and make time for the program in your schedule.  Once the program kicks off, you will spend nine months actively engaged in study, discussion, and fellowship, as outlined in the Journey guidebook.  More specifically:

  • Each small group meets together for nine months, with two meetings each month. The program focuses on a different key theme each month.  Members commit to regular attendance and to doing the assignments between meetings to enable them to fully participate in the group meetings.
  • A small group leader acts as a facilitator.
  • Each session includes group discussion and prayer.
  • Reading, Study and Teaching Videos. Between group sessions, participants read from designated articles and books. The total reading each month is about 120 pages, divided between the two sessions.  There is also a Bible Study for participants to complete between each session.  Participants are encouraged to set aside about two hours each week to complete these readings and studies.  Participants also watch a teaching video that is approximately 1 hour long between the first (Meeting A) and second (Meeting B) sessions of the month, focusing on the primary theme of the month.
  • The time for each group meeting can be varied according to the needs of the group. We recommend at least one and a half to two hours for each meeting (the two-hour meeting includes time for a simple meal such as a potluck).



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The Nine biblical Themes of the Journey program are:

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