There are so many options!!
So many Christian books on any possible aspect of our faith
So many children’s Bible’s
So many children’s audio books
So many books to read aloud to your children
And if you’re like us you’re so busy raising the children God has placed into your life and care, you just do not have the time or the bandwidth to sort through all those options to decide which ones are right for your family.
That’s why we’ve put together a list of Trusted Resources.
Resources that are Bible based and theologically sound,
That you can trust to be safe with your children’s hearts,
That you can know have been engaging with other children.
Look for this symbol to resources to see if it fits our criteria.
This does not imply, however, that you will necessarily agree with everything each author says. As educated and mature readers, we know you will use discernment in your reading and judge everything against the standard of Holy Scripture.
Keeping the Faith is committed to providing and supporting resources that foster heart and mind discipleship in Christian faith families.


If you do not already have a study Bible, consider purchasing one. Additionally, each child should have their own age appropriate Bible and notebook or journal. Because the volume of products on the market can feel bewildering, we have listed some of our favorites for your consideration.

Understanding The Bible: Resources for Children and Teens

Learn more about the Bible with your children!

Apologetics Resources for Children and Youth

Questions and doubts about the Christian faith can be the perfect place to begin authentic, transformative conversations about God, life and ourselves. These thoughtful books address today’s issues with clarity and grace. Perhaps even more importantly, they teach us to view our doubt as a gateway to knowing God more deeply, rather than a danger to avoid.

Catechism (for all ages)

The formal teachings of your family’s chosen Christian denomination can offer a time-tested, well-rounded approach to living out your faith daily.

Family Read-Alouds

If reading together is a new concept for your family, break the ice with some funny poetry, inspiring biographies or suspenseful classics.

Children's Music and Audio Books

Add these fun, faith-based stories and music to your family’s audio repertoire. Use these recorded resources to entertain, educate, boost scripture memorization and spur great conversations about things that matter at home or on the road.

Small Group Learning for Families

This nine-week Study Guide is designed for pre-teens and teenagers to explore what it means to be a person of character.


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