October 8, 2014 – October 15, 2014

Aslan Academy

To help parents begin the Aslan Academy program and stay focused as they work through the various elements, we offer a suggested approach below. The estimated time to complete each step is listed, but parents should feel free to extend or adjust the times in light of their schedules. We recommend that as parents begin each new step, they write down an anticipated schedule for each listed activity. The Seven-Step Plan is designed in a way to help families develop new habits and new intentional approaches to spiritual growth in their children. For each step we offer categories: Pray, Read & Study, Apply, and Family Activities.

We designed these steps with busy families in mind, but discipling children will require a parent’s intentional focus. Use the suggested items under each step to build a foundation and then an ongoing pattern of living that will begin to develop your children into disciples of Jesus.

Parents often seem willing to make big sacrifices for sports activities, theater, music development, and educational projects and opportunities for their children. While there is value in those activities, doesn’t it make sense to place an even higher priority on your child’s spiritual development and growth?

For married couples, the program will have the greatest effect if both parents “buy in” and participate fully in the Seven-Step Plan. If only one spouse will be carrying the load, or if you are a single parent, try to find a godly adult friend or relative to help you as you seek to disciple your child. Perhaps you can form a group of single parents in your church who might participate in the Aslan Academy program and provide prayer support and a sounding board as you seek to lead your child to better know and love our Lord. Whether you are married or single, God loves you and your family and wants you to know Him more clearly and grow in faith.

The following steps will help you begin or, if you are already on this path, help you accelerate that growth.

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